The last few days have been packed with activities, my pretties. On Tuesday we had a company picnic. Yes, people actually have picnics in New York. We left work around 2:30 and headed up to the west 100s for a park right along the Hudson. There was a nice little cafe there, and we were all free to order whatever food and drinks we pleased. Let me tell you…at my table we ordered 5 appetizers for 4 of us. Then full meals. When you get a bunch of people that are as overworked and underpaid as we are, and you tell us that we can order whatever we want well, you’d better be prepared. I don’t even know how many beers I drank. I would have to guess…hmm, actually, I can’t even venture a guess. It was an insane amount because HELLO it was open bar. None of that draft stuff, either, it was Corona with a lime all the way for me. And when my beer would get warm, I would just order a cold one, discarding the nasty warm beer. People, it was like I was RICH! Last weekend when I was watching football, I would force myself to drink every last drop of beer, pretending it wasn’t totally skunky and warm. I tasted what it’s like to be rich, and it tastes like ice cold heaven!

In other picnic news, there were sand volleyball courts that we were able to use. Some people had prepared for this, like me, and brought shorts to change into. Others didn’t, but still played in their jeans or whatever. I call those people total gamers! There was a group of us that played about 10 games, only stopping long enough between games to refill our beers or scarf down a hamburger. Since we were playing on sand courts, everyone really got into it, diving for balls and everything. I made a joke that someone was going to step on a needle and get hepatitis…so, being the person who made the joke, I was the one who got hurt. And no, I didn’t run into a pole or get a volleyball in the face – I cut up my left leg diving on the sand. ON THE SAND. There is a huge gross gash on knee, and there are long red scrapes going all the way down to my ankle. And no, there was nothing in the sand that I cut it on. Just SAND! How do you get cut on sand?! I am mystified. The one good thing was that the injury came at the end of the night, so my pain was, uh, less intense than it might have been had it happened earlier. The bad thing about that was that I just brushed as much sand off the cuts as I could and went on about my merry way. Cleaning my leg the next morning was SERIOUSLY painful. I will spare you the gory details, but I will tell you that it took me 30 minutes. THIRTY MINUTES! *shudder*

I know you’re thinking, why didn’t you clean it off when you left the picnic? Well, that is because I didn’t go right home. A group of about seven of us went to Karaoke when it got too dark to continue picnic-ing. We were so gross, this drunk group who had been playing sports all day, covered in sweat and sand (and blood, in my case), but we didn’t care. We sang our little hearts out! The highlight of the night was definitely the duet of No Doubt’s “Ex-Girlfriend” by Jeremiah and myself. We both spontaneously started head banging during the musical interlude and we brought the house down, baby! Then, despite the fact that we’d eaten 2 metric tons of food, we stopped at McDonalds before getting cabs home. I collapsed on my couch as soon as I made it into my apartment, and that’s where I woke up yesterday morning. There’s just nothing like those thoughts in the morning of, “why the hell am I on my couch?” followed by, “why is my body so sore,” completed by, “OH MY GOD MY LEG.” Seriously, nothing like it.

I managed to get myself to work eventually, where I was pretty catatonic for most of the day. All my energy was sapped cleaning out my wounds. Yuck. I was going to go straight home and to bed when Jeremiah reminded me that we were invited to a CD release party for the Will and Grace CD. I rallied and we headed down to the party together. The party was at the newBloomingdale’s in SoHo, which is a weird place to have a party. It’s a small store and all of their make-up products were out on display so everyone had to be careful not to knock anything over. It was packed with people, so this was no small feat. Jeremiah and I got there about 3 minutes before the cast did, so it was cool to see them pose for pictures and all of that. I have to say, though, that the ladies on that show make tons and tons of money but can’t seem to afford a tailor because their pants completely covered their feet. Come on! I’m a short girl and I manage to make sure my pants are an appropriate length. And, since it was raining outside, the bottoms of their pants were soaked. We had fun, though, free drinks and finger foods and a fun gift bag. I love free! I was home by a decent hour, too, so I was able to watch Tuesday night’s Amazing Race. I love that show! “My ox is broken,” Best. Quote. Ever.