It’s like a switch was flipped yesterday – after a hot, sticky, disgusting weekend, it’s suddenly warm without being sweaty outside. The Weather Gods have decided that I suffered enough through my first New York summer and decided to give me some sweet relief. Many people have told me that this summer wasn’t bad at all, and that the humidity was “nothing,” but to me it was like walking through a hot mist every day. I got used to having my clothing stick to me, to having my shirts spotted with sweat and my hair go limp. Now that I’ve commented on it, though, I’m sure it will be extra-humid tomorrow.

Leslie and Matt left yesterday. I was so sad to return to my empty apartment! We had so much fun. On Friday night we took the 7 train out to Shea Stadium to watch the Dodgers play the Mets. I was excited to see the Dodgers play for the first time this year, and obviously they knew that because they played like crap. I think the Mets have lost something like, 9 of their last 10, and of course that ONE game they won was the game I went to. But, we still had fun. After we left the game, we met up with Leigh, Walshy, and Walshy’s brother for drinks. Once I’d downed a few rounds I had to go to bed in preparations for our big Saturday.

USC Trojan Football Game Day! The three of us got up early and met Leigh at the PATH station on our way to Hoboken to pick up our rental car. It was $100 cheaper to rent a car in New Jersey than in the city. Once we got the car and our other friend Pauling, we were off to Landover, MD. Because Leslie was the only one of us with car insurance, she was our driver. Unfortunately for her, the drive down to Maryland was filled with bridges, something she HATES with a fiery passion. Driving over bridges for her is like forcing me to touch someone’s foot. Unfortunately, since the rest of us were unable to drive the car, she had to suck it up and take us to the other side. Leigh and I tried to be nice and talk her through the drive, while Matt and Pauling made jokes about collapses. Besides the bridge problems, we had one other major obstacle – traffic. There was a ton of construction on the Jersey Turnpike that caused us to lose about and hour and a half of time, so we were unable to go to our hotel before the game. And the freaking TOLLS! I think driving through Delaware cost us like $187. For reals.

All was forgotten once we got to our parking space at Fed Ex Stadium in Landover…and by our parking spot at the stadium, I mean our spot in a lot about 5 miles from the stadium. We tailgated there for a little while, then grabbed a shuttle, where we ran around trying to find friends with tickets. Walking around the parking lot, we were shocked at how rude the VA Tech fans were. We were called so many names, I really couldn’t believe it. I am a vicious shit-talker and have been known to say too much on occasion, but these fans even shocked me. We took the route of ignoring and laughing, because, as much as my evil tongue wanted to make an appearance, we weren’t stupid – VA Tech fans outnumbered us 5-1. As game time approached, Leigh still hadn’t hooked up with her ticket connection, so I waited with her while the rest of our pals went to their seats. We finally got in after kick off, no biggie. Since our seats were no where near each other, we started patrolling the stands for two open seats. We got bounced from a couple places, only to find ourselves sitting together in the club level, surrounded by rich people and VA Tech fans. We quickly made friends with the enemies around us so they wouldn’t kill us when our team won. Luckily, most of them left by the end of the game. Such sad, sad losers. Who’s the big talker now?! Leigh and I had fun cheering for USC, eating, drinking, and making up songs. Oh, and watching the game, that was fun, too.

On Sunday I woke up with a football hangover, so I was not really looking forward to the drive home. However, thanks to my post-game residue, I was awarded the front seat. We drove around Washington, D.C. a bit to take in the sites, then we hit the road for what would turn out to be a SIX HOUR DRIVE. More traffic, more construction, and more tolls all played a factor. At one point, we were in Pennsylvania, although no one is sure how that happened. We finally pulled of the turnpike at 8:04 in a panic, since we knew the rental place closed at 8. Luckily, Matt called ahead and BEGGED them to stay open for us, and they did. So, thank you, Enterprise of Hoboken! You rock. When we got off the PATH at 33rd St in NYC, we could see how the Republican National Convention had taken over – we passed 5 NYPD officers with assault rifles. It was a bit disconcerting. We all stared at them as we passed, prompting one officer to say, “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna shoot you!” Um. Thanks?

Leslie and Matt were the best tourists. They didn’t let the weirdness of the convention stop them from going to all the fun New York spots. They even did stuff I haven’t done, like row in Central Park and go to the Statue of Liberty. On Tuesday night, we went up to the Bronx for a Yankees game. They had never been to Yankee Stadium, and it had been a while for me, so we were pumped. What a game it turned out to be, too! The Yanks lost 22-0. Yes, TWENTY TWO to ZERO! Against the Cleveland Indians! Wild Thing wasn’t even pitching. I have to say that it was most definitely the best Yankees game I have ever been to. BEST EVER! It was also rad to come into work the next day and tell people I was there. The Yankees have been in a tailspin the last two and a half weeks. Hee! I wear my glee quietly.