I I have really been slacking lately. I just haven’t felt like updating, even though a million things have been going on with me. I get into work in the morning and I think, “I really need to talk about blank,” and then by the end of the day I just can not be bothered to do it. I get like this sometimes, when I am feeling apathetic or troubled. Writing here makes me think about my life and what’s been going on, and sometimes when your life is out of sorts you just want to read about Britney on Defamer and zone out. Know what I’m sayin’? Anyway, I think I have basically got my life together, decisions have been made, names have been taken, and now I’m ready to start freakin’ writing again. Okay? Okay.

Tons of events have taken place since I last wrote, most importantly the engagement party of Bella and Steve. I flew out to LA after work last Friday. My flight was supposed to arrive at 11:30 PM, just in time for me to meet up with all my ladies for a night out. Unfortunately, the Plane Gods were against me, and my flight didn’t arrive until 2:30 AM. That’s right – ANTE MERIDIEM. I felt so sorry for Mike, who had to pick me up at that ungodly hour. We didn’t get to sleep until after 3, and then we were up at 7:45 ANTE MERIDIEM so I could go surfing. Poor Mike – he was my official chauffer for the weekend. We got to the beach where I met up with Dana for two quality hours of surfing…if by “quality” you mean we fell a lot since we hadn’t surfed in almost a year. Then it was off to Sharkeez, where a huge group of us had breakfast. I saw old favorites like Kimbrough, Jackie, Bella, Brooke, Woodsy, and Leslie, and my new favorite, Bella’s engagement ring. At that point, I was freaking exhausted and Mike’s eyes were half-closed, so we went home for a while to sleep before we got ready for the engagement party.

At the party I saw more long-lost peeps like Suzanne and Anna, along with Bella’s parents and grand parents. I have this habit of making myself look stupid in front of los padres de Bella, so I was determined to be on my best behavior. I should have known that it was going to end badly when I was seated with Leigh, Kimbrough, Woodsy, Jackie, and Mike…we were definitely the best table. Everyone wanted to be seated with us. For reals. We had a blast telling stories and getting caught up. There were lots of speeches (including a spur-o-the-moment speech by Leigh, which was actually very good despite a random mention of one of Steve’s exes) and lots of drinks. And even though I made sure to not drink too much while around Bella’s parents, I still managed to spill my water and break a glass in front of Bella’s dad. Nice work. After the dinner we were off to a bar where more drinking took place, then it was off to beddy-bye. We were TIRED, man!

On Sunday, while Mike slept in, I went to meet Brianne and her mom for brunch. Then we went WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING! It was so fun. Brianne looked freaking HOT in all the dresses she tried on, even the ones that were not ideal. It was so much fun to see her in all the pretty dresses, and I even got to try on a bridesmaid frock. I was so glad I got to go with her…I want to go again! After that, Mike and I hung out and talked and I made tacos and it was good times. The next day I saw my parents and Tara, then it was off to the airport for the red eye. No one ever tells you this, but red eyes totally suck. Especially when you have to go to work the next day.

Now, Leslie and Matt are in town! Tonight we are going to the Dodgers/Mets game and I am so excited. I haven’t seen the Dodgers play all year, so this is a real treat. Then tomorrow the three of us, along with Leigh, are driving down to the USC/VA Tech game in the D.C. area. Go Trojans! It’s going to be a fun weekend. I want it to go on forever, a) because it will be fun, and b) because when we get back it will be time for the Republican Convention here. I am not looking forward to the craziness in the form of tons of delegates and protestors. No fun, people! No fun at all! That being said, if anything crazy happens I will totally take pictures. It’s what I do for you people. Just keep your fingers crossed that “crazy” means like, naked people riding donkeys down the street. Nothing bad.

Okay, gotta go! Go Dodgers, go Trojans, go me!