Have you missed me? Holy crap, I haven’t updated in a while…two and a half weeks might be the longest I’ve ever gone. I have been rather busy at work these last few weeks. It’s the time of year where I have to gather up all our material for the Grammy awards, and it is freaking exhausting. A typical day during the awards submission period goes like this for me: morning – check email, answer questions about awards categories; afternoon – chase marketing reps and managers about what categories they want their artists entered into; late afternoon/evening – enter every single entry into the computer. Sounds easy, but it is so exhausting and annoying, and entering all those musicians into the different categories takes forever. The last thing I wanted to do after going cross-eyed from the entry forms was write here. I typically would go home and freebase some chocolate milk mix. Good times. At least the Grammy submission period is over…there is another one at the end of August but it is much easier as it only covers two months of releases.

I feel like I haven’t done much lately, but now that I think about it, I guess I have. I’ve gone to the movies, and bowling, and had a few meals out. A few parties here and there. My friend Erin and I went to a “disposable clothing” party. Basically everyone there had to wear clothes that could get ruined. This is because the guys throwing the party have neighbors that like to throw things down on the people enjoying the festivities in the courtyard. While I was there, the neighbors only threw water, but I heard paint was thrown after I left. Erin and I wrapped ourselves in aluminum foil and saran wrap – it looked great, but it was SOOOO HOT! The best part of the night was when I cut it off and put on regular clothes. Other than all of that though, I have been trying to be mellow and fiscally responsible. Evaluating my life and stuff. I know, what’s that about? I’m really excited for this weekend: It’s Leah’s 21st birthday, and I am going out to Vegas to celebrate. I can’t wait to see her and make her drink too much. I also get to see Mike, my parents, my aunt from Seattle, and my aunt & uncle from San Diego. I haven’t seen my aunts or uncle since last year, so that will be awesome.

Mostly, it will just be awesome to get out of New York. The weather here has been so hard for me to deal with…I love hot weather. LOVE IT. But humidity. Oh my. It is awful. I wish a horrible, painful death upon it. And, all these terror warnings have me worn out. I can’t even imagine what it must have been like in the city after September 11th, but I think it’s safe to at least assume it was exhausting. There are police and security everywhere, so it’s not that I don’t feel safe – especially since I am not near any of the “targets” – it’s just unsettling. But, I just keep telling myself that nothing is going to happen, because it’s not. La la la! Nothing bad! Happy Place!!!