My mom was instant messaging me yesterday, and she brought up the AFI’s 100 Years…100 Songs list. She made me guess what the number one song was, and after wrongly guessing “My Heart Will Go On” from Titanic (it was #14), I got “Over the Rainbow” (with a couple of hints). My mom was shocked that there was nothing there from Music ManCarousel or Oklahoma. Hello, people! Leaving out classics like “Till There Was You,” “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” and “Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’,” is a travesty! Shame shame!

After I was done being appalled by missing songs, I started to look at the other lists AFI has. I came across their 100 Years…100 Laughs list. Basically, the list of movies the great minds at AFI think are funny. Lots of them are, actually. But I take issue with Mrs. Doubtfire being ranked 67th. I take exception to it even being ranked, actually. That movie…well, it sends me into a murderous rage. When it came out back in 1993, my brother and I were the last two people in the world to see it. Everyone said it was just the best movie ever, so we were excited to see it and laugh and laugh and laugh. Instead, we sat there, mouths wide, at the “jokes” the audience around us was cracking up at. A “run-by fruiting?” THAT IS NOT FUNNY!!! Gah. Maybe it was just over hyped, I don’t know. No, I do know. It’s just not funny! I have tried to watch it years later, and it just repulses me. I like Robin Williams and Sally Field, so it’s not them. It’s just the movie. And to see it ranked ahead of movies like CaddyshackFast Times at Ridgemont High, and Fargo makes me insane! Oh, my blood pressure! Rising, rising! Especially when all my friend who read this say, “I love Mrs. Doubtfire!” Friends, do not tell me this until after my birthday, okay? Thanks.

Speaking of my birthday, which I don’t think I have mentioned here, it is on Sunday! Yay! I love my birthday, and all birthdays in general. Earlier today, my co-workers surprised me with cupcakes and a lovely rendition of “Happy Birthday.” I almost ruined the surprise, though. Apparently everyone knew that cupcakes were scheduled for 3:30, but right when it was time to set up the cupcakes, I decided I was tired of sitting at my desk and started wandering around the office, bugging people. I settled in my friend Alison’s office, about 5 feet away from where the cupcake party was supposed to go down. So she and my friend Missi started stalling me from going back to my office while the cupcakes were set up in the kitchen area. When I felt like I had bugged Alison enough, I said I was going to go back to my desk and started to head back – in the direction away from the kitchen! So Alison told me to walk with her to someone else’s office, and I did – right into the kitchen where everyone was waiting! It was so sweet, I’ve never had people at work do anything for my birthday and it meant so much to me! I love the people I work with, I am lucky that it’s such a cool, awesome group.