Maybe I haven’t mentioned it, but I love my birthday. It’s only four days away. FOUR SHOPPING DAYS AWAY. So, yesterday, a package addressed to me arrived at my office. Nothing new, really, since I get CD packages almost every day. This one was different, though. My mom and dad had ordered me a dozen tamales from my favorite place, Corn Maiden Foods. What a yummy, wonderful present! I immediately called my friend Molly, who is also a Cali kid, and we ate two of them right away. So good, just like I remembered! I have 10 left, and I am totally going to horde them. You must be Tamale Worthy! TAMALE WORTHY! You know, because I can’t buy more.

The tamales came in a Styrofoam cooler, packed with ice packs to keep the tamales frozen. I wanted them to stay as cold as possible on my way home (it was really hot out yesterday), so I decided to carry the whole cooler home as opposed to just the bag that was on the inside. I couldn’t believe the looks I got! I could tell that everyone who looked me up and down was dying to know what was in the cooler. My name was written on the outside in big black letters (spelled wrong, by the way), so along with my messenger bag and running shoes I definitely looked like a courier. Annnnd, since my exit off the 6 is right across from a hospital, I had someone ask me if I had an organ in my cooler. Oh yeah, people who take organs for transplant use THE SUBWAY.

Along the birthday front, I have gotten some awesome presents so far. My parents totally hooked me up with two cute shirts, a Sex and the City DVD set, a gift certificate to a spa, a cute dress, a hat, and of course, the tamales. This weekend, Mike comes! On Friday, to be precise. I can’t wait for him to get here! That will be the best present ever. Happy birthday to me (in four days!)