People, here is a tip from me: if you are going to take an exercise class for the first time in, say, your entire life, think twice about it. Maybe try with something easy first, like Step for Kids. Or, try jumping around your home, twisting your body into weird positions and stretches. Whatever you do, just make sure you prepare yourself. Let me tell you a little story. The other day, I was sitting in a bar watching the NBA playoffs with a few of my friends, including the lovely Heather H (H squared!). H2 and I were far enough into the beers to be talking about our work out routines at the gym we both belong to, and she mentioned that she took a fun class with a great instructor. I told her I was no good at classes, having all the coordination of a drunk three year old. She assured me that it was okay in this class, that it was mostly weights with a little bit of step. I was a bit worried about the step part – Woodsy and I took a step class in college, and I was so bad at it I actually injured my ankle badly enough to have to sit out of the class for two weeks! Which was awesome because I totally got to sleep in on those days. But I digress. So, H2 convinced me to join her in the class on Tuesday. It started out innocently enough. The instructor was a wiry Asian man who would occasionally jump into air splits. That should have been a clue that I needed to RUN out of there! He proceeded to lead us through 60 minutes of lunges, jumping jacks, punches, curls, crunches, squats, steps, pushups, and a bunch of things I don’t have a name for. Five minutes into the class I thought, “my body is going to ache for the next week.” So far, that prediction is right on the money. As I walked home from the gym, I could feel my muscles starting to stir. Walking up the five flights to my apartment, they started holding meetings. Yesterday morning, I could feel the revolt starting. Today, the muscles are fully in protest mode. They scream every time I move, punishing me for not consulting with them before the class. I learned my lesson, okay! Now stop hurting, I can hardly get to the train without stopping in pain! And you’ve been warned, muscles, I am totally going back to that class next week.

I saw Al Roker! Okay, it was in Rockefeller Center during the Today Show’s taping on Tuesday morning, not just walking down the street. One of our artists was on the show, so I went down to show my support. Because it was cold and misting (on the first day of June! A travesty!), the crowd was small, or smaller than I expected. That made it easier for me to push my way near the front of the crowd. I was in the south end of the plaza, which wasn’t the best place to be. Al, Matt, and Katie tend to stick to the northern end of the plaza, closest to the studio. At one point, Al wandered around just before a weather break, and he passed by about a foot away from me. He shook the hands of the two small girls in front of me, and then looked expectantly at me as if to say, “Where is your hand? Don’t you want to shake the hand of The Roker?” But I did not extended my hand – I was frozen! Al was so close I didn’t know what to do. I had my camera out with my hand on the button, ready to take a picture. I did nothing. Al stood there looking at me. I did nothing. Finally, Al looked away and moved on to the next group of tourists. Bust! I could have touched, photographed, bonded, with The Roker, and I choked. Choked! I have a problem with Today Show people. In college I had a friend who interned at the Tonight Show, and one night Matt Lauer was a guest. My friend took me to the show, and then back stage, where I had the opportunity to talk to Matt. But did I? No. I stared at him, I followed him around back stage and out of the building, but I did not utter a single word. I think I freaked him out, the crazy girl smiling with the wide eyes. He left so quickly! Even when my mom stopped Steven Cojocaru, I didn’t say anything! For all of my love of the Today Show, I am scared to speak to the stars. The Today Show is my kryptonite!