I was just looking through my archives to see what I was doing last year. I was watching American Idol, preparing for a weekend of drinking, and starting my birthday countdown. Wow, nothing has changed! Except, you know, living on the other side of the country. No beach time for me this weekend, boo. I will have to hear all about my precious Pacific from my West Coast Hotties.

So, American Idol. I hated the first 30 minutes of the show. Excuse me, the “pre-show,” even though according to my cable box it was all the same show. It was so bad! Don’t make those poor booted kids sing, and don’t shove Jennifer Hate Hewitt on me! What the hell does she have to do with American Idol, anyway? She must have a show coming out on Fox or something. But, it’s a sad day when I have to praise Hate Hewitt: She did a FAR better job in the pre-show than Christina Christian. Now I must punish myself. The “real” part of the show got off to a shaky start thanks to Tamyra Gray’s wobbly National Anthem. I was a few minutes behind on the show, so I was fast-forwarding through the opening. When I saw Tamyra singing, I didn’t stop fast forwarding, until I noticed two things: the crowd was standing, and THE FONZ was shown in the audience mouthing the words. I was like, “the hell? The Fonz knows a Tamyra Gray song?” So I had to put the show on normal speed and be accosted by her horrible rendition. It was pretty awesome that I thought The Fonz was singing along with a Tamyra song, though! I liked the quartet of Ruben, Fantasia, Diana, and Kelly, and I LOVED Kelly’s song when she had her moment to shine. I didn’t really care who won. They are both good singers. Truth be told, I prefer Diana, but I’m not worried about her career.

Today is May 27, so it begins the Birthday Countdown! Only 31 days until we celebrate the day of my birth! I can’t wait. Mike is coming out to celebrate the occasion, which is so sweet, especially when you remember that last year he spent the day with strippers. I’m not sure yet what I’ll be doing to commemorate the passing of another year, but rest assured, it will be cool. Not as cool as last year when I was surrounded by all of my awesome friends, but as close as I can get. I should rent a car or something, and drive it somewhere. Just because, you know, I can. Soon I can run for President. Not that I would, my days of running for crap are OVER.

So, this weekend is Memorial Day. I can finally wear my white clothes. Isn’t that right? There are lots of sailors wearing white around town: it’s Fleet Week! I guess that means there are lots of ships in the ports; I KNOW it means there are lots of sailors in the city. I personally saw a bunch yesterday on the train on my way home and then more in front of the BBQ place by my house. Fleet Week makes me think of “Sex and the City.” Hee. Hey, that show is coming to TBS…how, I don’t know. Some shows are going to be only five minutes long without all the nudity and cussing! But, I will still watch. I don’t have HBO anymore because I am POOR and would rather spend that money on a BEER. Priorities.