What to watch on TV tonight, American Idol or the Lakers game? Oh wait, I have Tivo, it doesn’t matter! I’ll be flipping back and forth between them, anyway, because there is no way I could stand to watch more than five consecutive minutes of either. If the Lakers don’t win tonight, I won’t hear the end of it tomorrow. Come on Lakers, help a sista out! As far as American Idol is concerned, I think it’s a sure bet that Fantasia will win…the judges will probably be falling all over themselves praising her tonight. American Idol isn’t racist!! Two Black winners in a row! Hey, American Idol, enough, we GET it. I think both Fantasia and Diana are very good singers, and they both deserve to win. I also think that the Lakers deserve to win! WOOOO!

Time for crazy New York Weather, volume 487. Yesterday it was a very pleasant day, partly cloudy and low on the “sweat” scale. So you can imagine my surprise when I got off the subway yesterday evening and was immediately drenched by a sudden DOWNPOUR. I ran for an overhang, but the damage had been done. The rain only lasted for a few minutes, but I had to walk home totally drenched. Boo! If there is rain this weekend, I’m going to be really sad. It’s going to be hard enough spending my first Labor Day in ages not at the beach, but if it rains I will flip. That would be too depressing.

I am officially in love with sending out my laundry. I really love how easy it is, but I really, really love how neatly folded my clothes came back! My bag was totally rectangular and tucked in…it’s hard to describe so you have to look at the picture. It looked as though the bag had been put into a compactor, it was that tight and crisp. When I cracked the bag open, I was happy to see that my clothes were just as neat, folded perfectly. Love, Love, Love, I tell you! Am I in danger of becoming a snob? When I have kids, will I quit my job but still have a nanny? Damn right. Kids are sticky, somebody has to wash them for me.