Every time I complained about the freezing cold weather, without fail someone would say to me, “just wait until summer when it’s humid, then you’ll be BEGGING for snow.” While I know I will never, EVER beg for snow, I have come to realize what they meant. It is freaking awful. This last week has had temperatures above 80 degrees, with humidity that has reached 100% at some points. Add to that sudden downpours and lightning storms, and you have two very confused and sticky Californians. Since Friday, Mike and I were woken up every night either by thunder or unbearable humidity. We finally broke down yesterday and bought a fan…just in time for Mike to go back to Cali! BOO! He’s flying back as I write this. I miss him already.

Since we’d already gone to Shea Stadium, I had to make sure Mike also got to see Yankee Stadium on this trip. Since they were playing the Angels, I felt like I was supporting my So Cal roots instead of the evil empire. We had good seats, although I don’t think there is such a thing as a bad seat at Yankee Stadium. We were in the top level, right behind home plate, in Row S. I remarked to Mike that we were under the overhang, and that it would be nice to have these seats during a hot day game. The game was going along nicely, with the Angels taking an early lead on the Yankees. Mike had just come back from the concession stand with some tasty beers, and while we were enjoying them I noticed that everyone in the level below us had suddenly jumped to their feet, looking behind them and scrambling around. “Look!” I said to Mike, “is there a fight or something?” He looked at me like I was crazy, and said, “the rain.” I was like, huh? Then I refocused my eyes and noticed that it was POURING rain, just insane amounts of rain. In less than a minute, the umpires called a rain delay and the grounds crew went to work covering the field. Meanwhile, the fans who’d only moments earlier been in seats closer to the field were rushing to find a spot that was covered. Needless to say, Mike and I were extremely pleased with our Row S seats at that point. After about 45 minutes, the game started up again, only to be delayed 10 minutes later by another deluge. At that point, Mike and I decided we’d seen enough, and decided to leave. We got SOAKED waiting for the 4 train, but it was still a fun time. I found out the next morning that the game didn’t end until 1:30 am, thanks to the rain and a tie score that went into extra innings. I’m glad we were home by then, even if we were sweating to death.

Yesterday the weather was even weirder. It was still extremely humid and hot, so most everyone was dressed in summer gear. At lunch, I ran across the street only to get caught in a sudden rainfall. Giant drops soaked me as I ran across the street in my flip flops, tank top, and skirt. Then I got even more drenched when I ran back to my office. It was great! Except not. The rest of the afternoon was creepy: the sky was pitch black, and there were flashes of lightning and booms of thunder every minute or so. It felt like it was nine o’clock at night instead of 3 in the afternoon. And today they’re predicting more storms! I spent the morning doing research on air conditioners. I know nothing about them other than if I don’t get one soon, one of these nights I will sweat to death.