Trrrrrraaaaaaaa – La! It’s May! The lusty month of May! Where the air is cold and windy and the rain won’t go away! It is 58 degrees right now. In May! It’s just not right, people. Yesterday it rained all day, and I’m hearing that it might rain tomorrow. Enough is enough! April showers bring May flowers and May brings WARMTH, isn’t that how the saying goes? Meanwhile, the West Coast is having a massive heat wave. It isn’t fair! Give us some of that heat you done stole.

Yesterday, I discovered what it would be like to be Superman. I had my hair tucked up under a hat, and just with that simple clothing item, POOF! I was unrecognizable. I would walk down the halls and coworkers would say, “I didn’t realize that was you!” I passed a coworker on the street and waved at him from about two feet away, and I got nothing. It was awesome! I felt like I could go out and do mischief all over town. Or, you know, good. Whatever I felt like. I’m breezy, as Monica Geller would say.

I had a blast with Christi and The Ned this weekend when they invaded the NYC and my apartment. We did tons of walking, which hopefully helped to offset all of the drinking we also did. It’s so nice to have friends here! To top it all off, Mike arrived last night! YAY! For the next ten days, I will not have to shoot dirty looks at the couples I see walking down the street. Yes, I am petty like that. Have you learned nothing? Tonight we are going to go to a happy hour and then make our own flavored vodka. The fun never stops in the Plastic Studio!

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. Get out your Sombrero.