The weather is nice and warm today in anticipation of Christi’s arrival. As I type this, she is about an hour from landing…so that probably puts her over like Pennsylvania or something. I don’t know, I’m not good with the flight paths and the geography. I’m excited for her to get here, it’s going to be a fun weekend with her and The Ned. Last night I left somewhat early (6:45 PM, so lame that that’s early) so I could clean up my place a bit and do some laundry. As I walked to the subway stop near my office, the bus pulled up. I decided, why not take the bus? So I did. I took the bus, and it was nice. I talked on the on the phone the whole time, one of the best perks of the aboveground travel. About halfway through the trip I noticed that my stomach was starting to feel funny – sort of like I was carsick. Eventually I started to feel so bad that I got off about 10 blocks before my stop so I could have some fresh air. It didn’t help. By the time I got to my apartment building, I seriously thought I was going to yarf. At that point I was like, “the hell?” because I’d had my fresh air and all of that. I started to wonder if it was something I’d eaten. At lunch, my coworker and I took our interns out to a thank-you meal of Greek food. I called my coworker to see if she was feeling ill, because we’d split a plate, but she didn’t answer. I spent the rest of the night curled up on my couch. Way to get NOTHING done! Did I mention my bus driver looked just like Snoop Dogg? That was awesome.

So, flash forward to now. I left work even earlier today (5:30, nice!) so that I could clean and do laundry. I wore these cute flip flop high heels from Gap to work, and they totally cut up the sides of my feet to the point that there was no way I’d be able to make the Subway Walk. I was standing on the corner in front of my office trying to decide what I was going to do, when the bus pulled up. Yes, it had possibly made me sick the day before, but taking the bus meant hardly any walking! So I tempted fate and rode that bitch all the way home. I feel fine, baby! I think it was something I ate, seriously. I never did ask my coworker if she’d felt sick last night. Oh well, she’s in Coachella now, that lucky beeyotch. Although, I don’t envy the weather she’s going to get there – it’s supposed to be 100 degrees on Saturday and 106 on Sunday!!! I LOVE intense heat, but without a pool nearby there is no one I want to see that much. Kyle should go there and sell water bottles – he’d make a killing.

I got a scandalous hat the other day. The other day, The New York Post published a picture of Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Shilling wearing a “Yankee Hater” hat out at a hockey game. I thought the hat was totally awesome, so I went home and showed it to my mom, who was still here. She thought it was awesome, too, and we bought it! Oh yeah, baby. It arrived yesterday at my office.


Totally awesome, right? My dad got all fatherly on my ass and said, “Heather! People will THROW things at you if you wear that! You can’t get away with that in NEW YORK!!” Well, duh. I won’t wear it to a Yankees game, I don’t have a death wish. It’s for select events. For example, next week Mike and I are going to a Giants/Mets game. I can totally wear my Yankee Hater there – Giants fans won’t care, and Mets fans by definition don’t like the Yankees. It will be all good. I can wear it in LA, and if I ever go to Boston I will be like a freaking national hero with it. Note that the hat is done up in Boston Red Sox colors. Oh yeah.

Dude, my laundry is taking forever! Yes, I’m in the Laundromat typing my entry again. It’s all about multi-tasking, peeps! At this rate, my laundry will be done riiiiiight when Christi gets here. That’s no good! I need like 5 extra minutes to squirt some furniture polish in the air so it smells like I cleaned.