Holy crap, my nizzles! This has easily been the busiest 12 day stretch of my working life! Last Monday, Cali Boss came into town. I was excited because Cali Boss rules the school, plus I knew that with him here I was going to be getting set up with all kinds of free lunches! Oh yeah! What I did not take into account was how many MEETINGS there would be because of his presence. Yes, I arranged a good portion of the meetings. I just didn’t realize how much time they would take up. On Monday, I was in three meetings that were between 1 and 2 hours long, plus a 90-minute lunch. I didn’t leave the office until 7:30, and I generally make it a habit to NOT be there that late. Then on Tuesday, I had 4 more meetings…Wednesday had two more, including a THREE AND A HALF HOUR meeting at the end of the day that made me want to shove needles into my eyes. On Thursday I was frantically trying to catch up with all my missed work from the past three days, and then on Friday I left early to meet up with my Mom and Leah. Oh yeah, they came on Tuesday night! I was crazy at work, crazy (fun) at home. Crazy!

I had a ton of fun with my mom and cuz. Leah had never been to The City before. My mom proved a worthy tour guide, and they both managed to navigate the subways without me! I was so proud. They both did tons of walking and SOMEBODY shopped her ass off to the point that one of my suitcases was needed for the return flight! Ha. It was so great to have them here, I was so sad when they left but I hopefully hid it well. I miss them! I have some pictures to upload that Leah took from the Empire State Building that are pretty neat. I have a ton of pictures to upload, actually. Christi and Woodsy keep asking me about the weekend they spent here. I suck. Speaking of Christi, she is the next highly anticipated guest scheduled to stay at the Plastic Studio. She’s lucky that so far it looks like fantastic weather for the weekend. The last time she was here it freaking rained and was FREEZING! She needs to see a more hospitable NYC climate.

Speaking of the climate (what a segue), it has been totally schizo out here. Last Monday it was 87 degrees – AMAZING weather. Some people actually had the balls to complain about the heat and humidity. Jerks! It felt so good. Unfortunately, the weather got progressively worse as the week went on, and by yesterday it was POURING rain. Stupid weather teasing me. I even went to the GYM in the RAIN yesterday, people. It was raining so hard I needed an umbrella. That is some serious exercise commitment, my friends. Ooh…that reminds me. I went to the Doctor last week, where I was weighed. After two solid weeks of working out, I weighed FIVE POUNDS MORE than when I started. Do not tell me it is muscle. I was wicked pissed. It’s not like I went on a crazy binge or something. Five pounds…so annoying.