As I write this, I’m sitting in the complex Laundromat. The company that owns my building actually owns my entire block and half of the block just north of me. They have a Laundromat that we can all use (although, something tells me the elevator building at the end of the street that overlooks the East River has their own), so here I sit on Monday night. My neighborhood is very funny in that all kinds of people live here. The Upper East Side has a reputation for being full of yuppie, fratty families, but you wouldn’t know it from sitting in this room right now. Although, there is no way to prove that any of us actually live in the complex…we don’t need a key to get in, and I’ve never been asked to prove that I have the right to use this facility. Not like I am just BEGGING to pay 11 quarters for every load of wash I do (and one quarter for every seven minutes of drying). I sure miss the days when I only had to go down three flights of stairs to a washing machine that cost 75 cents and a dryer that cost .50. I especially miss when I could bring my laundry over to The Boyfriend’s house! He has a washer/dryer in his apartment. Lucky. I ESPECIALLY miss being able to take my laundry home to mom! Although, to be fair, the last time I did laundry I lugged it from New York to California to do it at her house. Now THAT’S lazy. A new girl in my office just moved in down the street from me, and there isn’t any laundry service on her block. That’s rare out here. I know I’m lucky to have my laundry one building over. I just wish it didn’t cost so damn much! Stupid expensive city.

Speaking of costing a lot, I went to my first Yankees game on Saturday! I had a lot of fun, even though the seats cost a lot and the beers cost eight bucks. Eight whole dollars, my friends, and that wasn’t even for the nice beer. Nay, eight dollars for what I believe was cheap domestic beer. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some domestic beer – but it has to be cheap! Eight bucks for PBR or Miller just isn’t my idea of a good buy. I still drank like five, though. Plus a beer before the game. And a beer after. Plus a pitcher at Blondie’s. And another beer at Ship of Fool’s. But, I only paid for the beers at the game! Everyone else was so grateful that I organized our little excursion that they kept treating me. Everyone knows you don’t turn down a free beer. I made it home safely with minimal bruising. I would like it to be known that while I DID collide with a wall ad that stuck out half a foot from the wall, that was LONG before I consumed my multiple beers. In fact, I was only on a single beer at that time. I was remarking over the $10 sushi they sold inside Yankee Stadium, and I wasn’t watching where I was going. The next thing I knew, BAM, right into the wall ad. I have spot bruises from half way up the front of my leg to my shoulder. Nice work. Luckily, only one of my friends saw it happen. I liked Yankee Stadium a lot – it had a very cool old-baseball feel to it that you just can’t find at many parks. I especially liked that the Yankees lost! Everyone kept saying it was too bad that they lost on my first trip to the stadium, but I was rather pleased with that outcome! I had lots of fun, and I want to bring Mike back there when he’s here in May. I might have to take out a loan, but we’ll do it.

I just realized that after my trip to Yankee stadium, I have made it to four of the five boroughs of New York! That was one of the goals I set for myself a long time ago, far before I knew I was going to live in New York. When the weather gets a bit better I’ll have to hop on the ferry out to Staten Island. That makes five, baby! When I set foot on Staten Island, I’m totally going to do a Toyota-Style jump in the air. Hmm, I guess that means I have to bring someone along with me to document the jumping. Otherwise, I could just say that I jumped in the air, and no one would be the wiser. That wouldn’t really be cool, though, so I will take a picture. That means I have to go to Staten Island before May 12…that’s the last day Mike will be here, and he’s the last of my April/May guests. If it’s nice weather when Leah is here, maybe she’ll be the lucky photog. I bet that’s just what she wants out of her trip to NYC!

It’s better than having to do laundry, that’s for damn sure. Dude! I still have 7 minutes left on one machine and 11 minutes left on the other. THEN I have to dry! I think I’m going to look into sending my laundry out. Nah…I’m lazy, but mostly cheap. I didn’t even want to have Mike do my laundry, so I can’t imagine letting a stranger do it! I think I’ll just have to stick to dragging my lazy ass down here once a month to do my 8,000 metric tons of laundry – it’s cheaper when you totally cram the machine to bursting! Yeah!!!