Today was my third day in a row of waking up early to work out. I am so proud of myself! I was feeling good when I got home, so I took a nice long shower, took my time getting ready, and put in that “extra” effort: I wore nice clothes and curled my hair a bit. AAAAALLLLL DAY people have been acting like I was sneaking around on Mike or something! “Where are you going after work?” “Is Mike here?” “You don’t have a date…do you?” NO PEOPLE! I was just feeling good about myself and I wanted to dress appropriately. Clearly looking nice unnerves my coworker peeps. They obviously prefer me in jeans, scuffed addidas, and a tiny sweatshirt. I will oblige, because this exclaiming over me is annoying. Sheesh.

My company did something crazy today – it held an Easter egg hunt…with prizes! Craziness. Okay, it was an idea that my friend Stacia had, and she totally took it upon herself to put the whole thing on, but it was approved and paid for by my company, so it’s still shocking. There were 36 eggs hidden all over the office. All of them had candy, five had lottery scratchers, and two had $25 gift certificates. It was so funny to see some of my coworkers running all over the office, looking under things and over things for eggs. I was one of the lucky $25 gift certificate winners, and I let out a mighty cheer over my victory. Damn right! Twenty five bucks to the Gap, nothing to sneeze at. I will spend it well. The hunt was a great way to break up the monotony of the day. A lot of people took the day off so it’s been super-quiet. I have been joking about saying I need to leave early to go to church…of course, my church happens to sell $2 draft beers. I know, I know, I’m not gonna do it – simply because Woodsy and my mom would not be happy with me! So when I leave early, I will simply say that I’m going to happy hour. Ah, the truth.

I’ve been trying to be conservative with my money every since I took the gym plunge, but it never fails that when you tighten the purse strings, the activities come flying. The last few nights I’ve been invited to happy hours, tonight being no exception. Hang on – Michael Jackson “Black or White” on the iPod: DANCE BREAK!!! I love the rap. Anyway, tomorrow is my first Yankee game, and not only were the tickets $12 more than what I’m used to spending at Dodger Stadium (only $6!), but I’m pretty certain that the beer and hot dogs are going to be pricey to help cover Pay-Rod’s salary. I’ll be sure to enter the stadium with a good beer base. And no, I do not capitalize “the stadium” because BOO YANKEES! I’ll keep that opinion to myself tomorrow, although I will represent West SIIIIIDE with my Dodgers Cap. Go Dodgers!