I like that when I’m feeling homesick, I can turn on the TV and see little pieces of home. For example, last night I was watching an old Gilmore Girls, and I’m fairly certain that Lorelai and Rory were shopping at either the Glendale Galleria or Topanga Plaza. AND, they went into a store that I am CERTAIN was Forever 21! God bless them. Tonight I will watch The O.C. and see my beloved Hermosa Beach standing in as Newport. I love seeing Cali on the TV.

Speaking of things I saw on TV last night, I saw something wonky on Scrubs. I watch TV with the Closed Caption on. I try to remember to turn it off when other people are watching my TV (although Mike never makes me turn it off, isn’t he sweet?) because it tends to bug other people. I don’t hear very well, so it’s easier to have the CC on than to ask every 10 seconds “what did she say?” I’ve found that sometimes, the closed caption does not match what the person actually says. Usually it’s just something like the actor saying, “I was so bored I was falling asleep,” while the caption says, “I was so bored.” But occasionally it’s totally random, as if the captioner is trying to play a joke. I’ve seen the captioners on Will & Grace make comments about Jeff Zucker, the head of NBC entertainment. On er, the captions will say, “medical jargon,” or “long medical word.” Anyway, last night on Scrubs, the captioner tried to transcribe the song “I’m With You” by Avril Lavigne (and if you got to this website by doing a Google search for Avril, GO AWAY). I am not a fan of hers, but I think her lyrics are pretty easy to understand. The closed captions read this: “How ‘bout them transparent dangling carrots.” Hmm. Now, isn’t that an Alanis Morisette song? So, this means that either the captioners got an early copy of the episode that had the Alanis song (which would have been a stranger choice than the Avril song in that scene – really!), OR the captioner hates Avril and refused to transcribe her song. I prefer the latter.

I’m going to Miami this weekend for work, so I’ve been busy trying to get everything done before I leave. I have a short day on Friday, then I’m not back until Tuesday. I’ve been working long hours lately, so I don’t really want to stay any later than I already have been, but I might not be able to help it. Stupid work! When am I going to be independently wealthy, I ask you? I’ve been working on a little side web project in my spare time that I will soon be linking to here. It’s basically my “what I’ve done” diary since I moved to New York. I bet you all can’t wait!