I didn’t even remember today was Leap Day until about 2 pm, when I was at the video store around the corner. After I went on a walk along the East River, I stopped at the grocery store up the street from me to pick up some food and milk. I was heading back to my apartment when, on a whim, I walked into the video store to see if they had “Lost in Translation” in. They did, but since I wasn’t a member I had to leave a credit card imprint. As I signed it, I asked the clerk what the date was, and he said it was the 29th. So, here I am now on my extra day of the year. Have I made good use of it? Well, I went for a long walk this morning…that’s not something I normally do. Check next to exercise! Other than that, let’s see. I’ve done a lot of sitting. A lot of eating. A lot of avoiding chores. Really, it’s been like any other day. So much for making good use of it! The only other thing I’ve done productively is post here. I couldn’t let the 29th go by without a post.

I’m sitting here watching the Academy Awards right now. At this point, only eight awards have been presented. Eight! The show freaking started at 8:30 here. I am going to be up so late tonight. I am in an Oscar contest with Mike’s family, and right now Mike is beating me by one point. Damn it! I have pride on the line because I won the contest last year. I have to repeat! I think that I might have to go to bed before the show is over. I don’t think I can stay up past midnight tonight. I’ve had a headache for the last two days that just won’t go away. Funny, I got it right when Mike left yesterday.

I’m pretty bummed that Mike is gone. The two weeks he was here went by so fast, I can’t believe it’s already over and he’s back in California. It was so great to have him here. I know I’m going to see him again in two weeks when I’m in LA, but I just enjoyed having him here so much. It was so nice to have someone to walk around the city with, to cook with, to ride on the subway with. I get really jealous when I see couples out and about, being all couple-y. I am glad I got to enjoy that with Mike, and at a leisurely pace. I miss him already!