Mardi Gras! Woo! It’s actually becoming quickly apparent that Mardi Gras is not as big a deal out here in NYC as it is in Hermosa. Granted, Hermosa is a beach party town where everyone parties all the time, parties all the time, parties all the time. But I don’t understand why there isn’t more going on tonight for Fat Tuesday. This weekend Mike and I were in Little Italy and all the stores and restaurants were decorated for Carnivale…maybe we’ll have to go down there! Well, no matter what, Mike and I will be raising a Hurricane or three to celebrate Fat Tuesday.

My weekend was good! Mike and I went to a Tennessee Williams play on Friday, “Cat On a Hot Tin Roof.” It was good! I had never seen the movie or read the book, so I went in with a clean slate and I liked it. Now I can say I’ve seen a Broadway play in addition to the musicals. I’m so sophisticated now. We got there JUST as the play was starting, and we were surprised to find that our seats were not together! Luckily, a nice usher took pity on us and showed us to new seats in a private box! Not too shabby. Now I’m really sophisticated! The cast was full of famous people: Ashley Judd, Jason Patric, and Ned Beatty. Ashley Judd, however, had injured her ankle in a show last Tuesday so she was limping around the stage. This morning she announced that she has to drop out of the play because she needs to have surgery on her ankle! Turns out she tore a ligament! We got in just in time, because now the future of the play is uncertain. On Saturday we went to China Town and Little Italy, which are right across the street from each other. We ate at a yummy place in Little Italy called La Mela Ristorante where there is no menu – the waiters just bring out food! We also bought a bootlegged copy of “50 First Dates” on DVD in China Town. It was totally filmed “Rochelle, Rochelle” style like on Seinfeld, on a video camera! But for only 5 bucks, what can you expect?!

The rest of our weekend was pretty mellow. I made dinner, we hung out, watched “Sex and The City,” the usual weekend activities. We kept trying to do laundry but we were thwarted by repairs. We finally got some loads done this morning! Tonight, before our Mardi Gras fun, Mike is coming over to my office so I can take him to a work function. It’s snowing outside, so the city is very calm right now. Am I dressed for snow? No. But Mike is sweet and is bringing me a knit hat to keep my head warm. Your body loses most of its heat through the head, you know.