Happy Friday the 13th! I think it’s great that this unlucky day falls the day before Valentines Day, a “holiday” that I’m sure many people find unlucky as well. I am very ambivalent about Valentines’ Day, and while I’m sure a lot of you are thinking, “That’s because you have a boyfriend,” I would like to say that we both feel that it’s kind of silly to go out and spend a ton of money on an overpriced dinner. We do that all the time, anyway! So we will be eating at home, although we DID get each other presents, because we are 12 and like presents. And also because we are 12, we opened them last night instead of waiting until tomorrow. I got Mike tickets to see Rufus Wainwright tonight, and I also got him the DVDs of all the Beatle performances on the Ed Sullivan Show. He got me a Joss Stone CD, a box of chocolates with NO NUTS, a fun video game thing that has five different games on it, a beautiful sweater, and a tape of songs he wrote me. Aw! He’s the best boyfriend ever.

Yes, Mike is here! He’s in the NYC for two weeks and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’m so glad that we’ll actually have time to really explore the city, not to mention time for him to meet my friends. We won’t be rushed, which will make the whole trip so nice. I’m excited to have someone to try new places with! Yay for me! And of course, for him! Hee. Tomorrow, despite eating dinner at home, will be a busy day. Dana will be in town with her beau, so we will be meeting them for lunch. Then we’ll be grocery shopping for dinner. After dinner and dessert, we’re meeting up with people for a fun night out of more eating, drinking, and possibly karaoke. Woo, karaoke! Mike and I love the karaoke. We met at a drag queen karaoke bar, after all.

So, besides our busy Friday Night and Saturday, we will be pretty mellow for the rest of the weekend, which will be nice. I hit that wall this week where, no matter how much sleep I got each night, I still woke up tired and run-down. I can really use the day off on Monday. Hopefully I’m not getting sick. I think I’ll sleep all day! Thank you, Dead Presidents! Speaking of Dead Presidents, I could really use some. Anyone out there want to give me any? I will design a kicky website for you for a low, low fee! Come one, you know you or someone you know want a sight designed by me. Don’t you want a sight about your shoe collection? Your pet cat? Your jeans? I think you do. I’m going to design a site about Hardcore and her wiener.