The Boyfriend and I had a funny conversation the other day after he read my last entry.

The Boyfriend: You’re so mad for JC! But you shouldn’t be. He’s a loser who f’ed Tara Reid.
plasticheather: dude, he didn’t eff Tara Reid.
The Boyfriend: Um, yes he did. Many times.
plasticheather: Ky says he’s gay. Although, he always says that about the famous people I have crushes on. He likes to break my spirit.
The Boyfriend: Dude. The tabs have many, many articles on JC and Tara Reid, yo!
plasticheather: I can not bide that! I would rather believe he’s gay than believe he had sex with Tara Reid!

Come on, people! Isn’t it better to think that JC will never love me than to think he did the nasty with that skanky chick?! Mike agrees with me.

So, fun weekend! Woodsy and Christi invaded the NYC and nothing will ever be the same! First of all, it is important to note that they brought me two food items that I had been intensely craving: Trader Joe’s garlic pita chips, and a Baja Chicken Burrito. I can not tell you how happy that made me! My friends rock. I also got pleasure from parading the burrito around my office in front of every co-worker who is familiar with Baja Fresh. Anyway, I had such a blast with them. They were awesome, too. It was pouring rain on Friday but they still found their way around the city to sight see. On Saturday and Sunday we walked EVERYWHERE, and that was on very little sleep. Although, on Sunday we were all a few steps behind, and the colder temperatures and freezing wind did not help our tired bodies. I was so sad when they left! I tried to not cry…I was not successful. I miss my friends! Every last one of them. It was so nice to be with people who really knew me. I am so grateful that Woodsy and Christi took the time off from work and spent the money to come be with me. I love them!

We really did walk everywhere. Here is the run-down of what they saw: Barking Dog Cafe, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, MTV Studios, The Ed Sullivan Theatre, My friend’s apartment, The Park Club, the 6, Q, N, R, and W line subways, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Serendipity 3, Bloomingdale’s, The Plaza, Central Park, Tiffany, H&M, Saks Fifth Avenue, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Macy’s, The Empire State Building, Herald Square, SoHo, China Town, Little Italy, Club Vudu, Bar Coastal, La Mia Pizza and the West Village. Not to mention my apartment, my grocery store, and my wine store! We went everywhere. Yet, I feel like there are still so many more places for me to take them. Next time! That’s the great thing about New York City.

Continuing Hotel Heather, Mike gets here on Thursday! I can’t wait! I love visitors. Then, after Mike leaves, the following weekend I will be in Miami for a music conference, and after THAT I will be in LA for a week! Wee! So much to do in the next month, I can hardly stand it.