I have to talk about something that is extremely unfair. Everyone knows about what happened on Sunday during the football game. Now, Justin and Janet have issued apologies, and Janet won’t be at the Grammys anymore and all of that. What baffles me is why the other members of *NSYNC are being punished. Oh yeah, that’s right! I read this morning in the LA Times that, “The NFL dropped JC Chasez, a member of ‘N Sync with Timberlake, from its halftime show at the Pro Bowl.” What?! How does that make any sense? Mike pointed out that he does have a song with lyrics that say, “some girls dance with women.” Which, come on. Gay ain’t no thang. I think it’s pretty ridiculous that JC is being penalized. I hope he kicks the crap out of Justin. Kyle just told me that he heard JC might be singing the National Anthem or some other pre-game song. Well, that’d better be true. But if I was him, I’d still smack Justin.

I was very excited to read that a Whole Foods Market has just opened a block from my office. I love giant markets like that. Plus, not only does it have the city’s first Jamba Juice, but the market will also sell wine on Sundays! Regular markets here don’t sell wine or hard alcohol, just beer. You have to go to a liquor store for that stuff, and liquor stores are closed on Sundays. I know, you’re like, “New York? No booze on Sundays?” You can buy it in a bar on a Sunday, you just can’t buy it in a store. It’s weird. A co-worker and I went up to the market today, and it is HUGE. The biggest market I’ve ever been in in my life. It’s 60,000 square feet! And, because it is the bottom floor of the brand new Time Warner Center that opened to the public today, it was PACKED. A pick-pocket’s dream. Hmm, that gives me an idea.

In approximately 14 hours Woodsy and Christi will be here! And, in one week Mike will be here! And in eight days and 14 hours, Dana will be here! It’s going to be a great few weeks with so much home town goodness coming to visit. I still can’t believe that the girls are all taking red-eye flights. Although, I would do it if I could, too. Luckily when I go to visit them I’m going back in time. That makes me think of that song from “Back to The Future.” Gotta get BACK in time! Oh yeah.