Another day, another month. Man, so much has happened since I wrote a week ago. Of course, I have an opinion on the big hot-button issue that everyone is talking about. The shocking event that has rocked America. I’m talking about the damn Groundhog seeing its shadow two days ago. Damn it! I really don’t think the East Coast needs six more weeks of winter. I’m so pissed. Although, I have to say, after last week’s storm, the weather has been almost nice here. It rained yesterday, washing away all the nasty snow, and today it was 45 degrees! I walked around outside with my coat half-zipped, sans hat, gloves, and scarf! It was like a spring day compared to what we’ve had. Of course, it won’t last as I am already hearing about two storms that will be hitting in the next couple of weeks. Whatever.

I had a nice weekend. I stayed in on Friday and Saturday. I needed to just chill, you know? On Thursday a guy from the office had a going away party, so I wasn’t feeling my best on Friday, and then on Saturday I was just tired and achy. On Sunday I met up with some friends from work to watch the Super Bowl. One of my friends and I split a bet, and we ended up winning some money! I was sooo happy since, at that point, I had about 10 dollars to last me the whole week, INCLUDING the Super Bowl outing. It was enough to pay my tab there, buy a couple rounds, and buy myself dinner last night for Restaurant Week. Not too shabby.

I’ve been bored today. Yesterday and the day before I was very busy at work, but today it’s been really slow. I think that as the week goes on, the days will go by slower…because Woodsy and Christi are coming to visit me! I can’t wait, I’m so excited to have fun visitors. Tonight I will actually CLEAN MY APARTMENT in anticipation of their arrival. I hate cleaning, so they should feel special!