The snow hit, and it hit before I got home yesterday, damn it. When I got on the subway, not a flake was in sight. When I emerged about 15 minutes later, it was a freaking storm. I swear, seriously half an inch had fallen in those 15 minutes. I was not happy to be walking home in that mess. It was coming down HARD, and the flakes were HUGE. When it snows like that, I get nervous crossing the streets. The visibility is bad for everyone, cars and pedestrians alike. I’m always worried that some car will skid on the ice and plow into all of us crossing the street. By the time I made it home, I was COVERED in snow. It had made its way down my coat, into my pockets, and soaked the bottom of my pants. Damn you, Al and Chris! You said it wouldn’t snow until later! I was unprepared and I was pissed.

When I got home last night I turned on the news to see if Chris was on apologizing about the early arrival of the storm. Instead, I was greeted with the newscasters announcing that all public and parochial schools were going to be cancelled for today. Awesome! That had to bode well for me. First, my company has an emergency number to call whenever something like bad weather or disaster happens. I figured I would call the number in the morning and it would say that work was cancelled. It had happened before! And second, since I live across the street from a school, that meant there would be no kids screaming in the morning while I tried to get my last bits of sleep. If I got to sleep in without school…oh, that would be sweet. As I was getting ready for bed, I called the number just in case the powers that be had already decided to cancel work. Why wake up early if I didn’t have to? The message said, “All North¬†American Offices are operating under normal conditions. This message will be updated should any changes occur.” Obviously they hadn’t changed the message. I went to bed and I seriously had dreams about what I would do with my snow day. I think in my sleep I invented lots of different drinks that involved snow. When my alarm went off, instead of hitting snooze I hit redial on my phone. Same message. Then I was at a crossroads. Should I get up and get ready or go back to sleep, confident that work would be cancelled? I got up, mostly because I had to pee, and I looked out the window at TONS of snow. I was certain work would be cancelled, but I figured I would get ready anyway so I could get an early start on the day. Periodically during my preparations I would call the number. Just before nine a.m. I called one last time and got the same message. Damn my company not canceling work! And, because a lot of people here are lazy, they used the snow as an excuse for not being able to come into work. So, it’s a ghost town around here. I was here early, damn it! Give me my credit.

In other news, last night I made cookies. I made the frosting a couple of days ago, and I’ve been eating so much of it that I thought, hmmm…maybe I should make the cookies that go with this. So I did. It was a sort of dress rehearsal with these cookies because I’d never made them before, and I wanted to make sure I was any good at them before I made them in a couple of weeks for Mike. Despite my lack of cookie sheets, a rolling board, and a cooling rack, they actually came out very well. I brought in some to work today and I got lots of compliments. Yay! I was happy. It was my little treat to all the people who braved the snow.