Wow, that is the first time I have written 2004. Happy New Year, everyone! I am back in New York after a fabulous week and a half in California. I wish I could have been there longer, but New York City really goes to pot when I’m not around. It needs me. I hope everyone had a very nice holiday, whatever it may be. I personally feel that I should celebrate all of them…maybe then I would get more time off. Not that I’m complaining, because I know a lot of people who didn’t get a week and a half off like I did. I just always want more, because I’m spoiled.

So, of course I did a ton of stuff. Let me list it out right now so I don’t forget anything.
– had a good Mexican food meal with the family on Christmas Eve.
– stayed awake for 23 hours after arriving in California in an attempt to beat jet lag. Instead, I just drove mine and Tara’s family crazy.
– spent a great Christmas with my family…until I got a little too drunk. Who does that on Christmas? Oh, I do!
– watched the first round of World Idol…also drunk, but I remember the good parts.
– saw “Love Actually” and liked it a lot.
– hung out with my cousin Leah, and asked her nicely to not show anyone the tape she made of me when I was drunk.
– gave Dana her birthday present but never gave Hardcore hers despite the fact I carried it with me everywhere for a week.
– spent seven straight days with Mike
– had a fun night out with Bella and her boyfriend, eating pizza and drinking beer.
– ate yummy sushi with Mike and some friends.
– watched “28 Days Later” and got freaked out, forbidding Mike from making Zombie noises.
– finally had a Baja Chicken Burrito…oh, how I missed them.
– went to a nice dinner on New Year’s Eve with Mike, Matt, Leslie, Woodsy, Chris, Rob, and Danielle.
– Rang in 2004 playing “Boxers or Briefs,” answering questions like, “Osama or Saddam?” and “Lose an arm or lose a leg?” 
– got up a few hours after I went to bed to miss Rose Parade traffic.
– walked MILES to see the Rose Parade.
– tailgated outside the Rose Bowl, and had the most painful bathroom line experience of my life.
– watched USC dismantle Michigan to win the Rose Bowl and the National Championship.
– Spent my last day in Cali running errands, watched Mike deal with a police officer, went to my last good Mexican meal with my parents & Mike, had dessert with Tara, George, Erin & Mike, and packed my suitcases while watching the DVD that comes with the “Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog” CD.
– Met up with an old high school friend on her last night of vacation in New York City, and we stayed out all night causing trouble.

Not a bad break, no? I could have done tons more, but I just didn’t have enough time. I also got in some good lounging and sleeping time, but I could have used more! Who can’t, really? My only complaint was the weather. It was warmer in New York when I was in So Cal. No fair! And now that I’m back in NYC, it’s raining, and there is a lovely promise of 20 degree HIGHS for the end of the week. See what I said about New York going to pot? It’s gonna meet the business end of my fist if it gets any colder.

So, 2003 was a pretty damn good year, but I think 2004 is going to be better, and that’s even considering that I live far away from everyone. My, what a positive outlook I have, and I haven’t even been drinking. I think I have the Baby New Year spirit or something.