Back to my crazy days. After Mike left on Monday, I was obviously sad. My co-workers knew this, so, to cheer me up, one of them, Stacia, invited me to go to the David Bowie concert at Madison Square Garden. Before the concert, we met up with Stacia’s friends for a drink and quick bite. When they found out that I had only moved to New York two weeks earlier, they made it their mission to show me a good time. They kept shoving drinks at me from that moment on, bought me food at the concert, and then took me out to a club after. The only thing I paid for all night was my cab ride home! Even my ticket was free! It was so much fun. David Bowie put on a great show. He is an amazing live performer, so into the music, and his backing band was tight. I had never been to Madison Square Garden before…I’d seen it on TV, though, and it always looked HUGE. But, in reality, it was no bigger than your typical indoor arena. Not to say that it wasn’t nice, though. I was suitably impressed with the place. The club we went to after the concert was cool, very chill with lots of chairs. I wasn’t prepared to stay out so late, though! Everything is open until 4 AM here, and I think everyone tries to make it until closing. I, however, am not programmed for that sort of thing, and was about ready to die at 2. Stacia and I didn’t leave until 3, though! I didn’t get to bed until almost four in the morning.

So, as you can imagine, I was not feeling my best on Tuesday morning. I rolled into work around 10:45. Oh yeah! Hey, my boss is in California! He’s still sleeping then! After about an hour and a half of work, it was time for our company Christmas lunch. Because of the lay-offs, The Powers That Be at the label thought it would be in poor taste to have a lavish affair like we’ve had in previous years. Everyone walked around the corner to a nice Italian place, where we had our choice from three entrees and there was PLENTY of wine. Two hours later, not many people were in the mood to go back to work. I was kidnapped by some of my friends in the Sale Department, and they took me to a couple bars; first at The Plaza, and then another one just down the street. They then finagled me an invitation to a party that a sister label was having later that night. Apparently they did not care if their party was in poor taste, because it was swank, baby! Open bar, waiters with food everywhere, and three levels of schmoozing and dancing. I had so much fun. I danced my metaphorical butt off…and danced my feet into oblivion. It was NOT fun to walk up the five flights of stairs to my apartment after the party. Oh, and I didn’t get home THAT night until 3! Amazingly, though, I was fine when I woke up on Wednesday, albeit very tired.

Yesterday I didn’t do much. Work flew by, but that was due mostly to my having to leave at 4 to make sure I was home to accept a package from UPS. It was their final attempt at delivery, and I couldn’t have my package get sent to UPS Hell. I waited around for the delivery for almost two hours. I was going to do laundry, but after having sat on my couch for so long, I didn’t have much desire to haul all of my stuff down five flights of stairs…to the laundry room…in the next building over…in the rain…up hill…you get the idea. So, instead, I fell asleep on my couch early, and today I am feeling quite refreshed. I think it was a good thing. The laundry, however, must be done tonight. I am out of stuff. Before I can do my laundry, though, I have to go to *GASP!* Macy’s! I know, the crowds there are enough to take your breath away. However, I must get it done, because even thought he crowds of people in Herald Square will be bad, the crowds of people on Christmas Eve at any mall in California will be worse. I will bite the bullet! I will be strong! I will survive!