Packing sucks. So, so much. I hate it with a fiery passion that I normally reserve for things like feet. The other night, Jackie and Hardcore had to drag me into my room, and, thanks to their help, I managed to get some packing accomplished. But last night I got caught up in other stuff and didn’t get much done. Which means tonight I have to pack my ass off, since by this time tomorrow, my stuff will be on a truck outta Hermosa. Why am I not rich? Then I could hire someone to do this crap for me. Although, I don’t really want someone going through my stuff. I still want to know why I’m not rich, though.

I went shopping on my lunch break today. I need warm clothes very badly. Everyone has said, “oh, a reason to shop!” and while that is true, there is just SO MUCH that I need that it almost takes the fun out of shopping. I have to make sure that the things I buy can serve many purposes. I wanted to buy a pretty blue puffer jacket today, but I realized that I wouldn’t wear it as much as if I bought a black one. Then I got concerned about spending money, so I didn’t even buy a black jacket. I need close-toed shoes! I need hats! I need everything. Not to mention what I need for my apartment – everything. It is cheaper to just buy new stuff rather than ship out the furniture I have. Why spend $6,000 to ship stuff when I can spend about $2,000 for new stuff? Of course, where am I going to come up with this $2,000? Not to mention the money for stuff I didn’t already have, like a couch, or rugs, or kitchen supplies. It’s overwhelming. Have I mentioned that? I’m excited to decorate my new place. It’s got a lot of potential to be really cute and funky. I just have to get my indecisive nature in check. I need to realize if I like something, I should get it, not spend days thinking about it only to decide that I want it but it’s not available anymore. I hate it when that happens.

Tomorrow I am leaving work early to move everything out. Well, almost everything. I’ll still be at my apartment through the weekend, so I need to leave a few things. But all my furniture will be gone, along with my TV, Stereo, and most of my clothes and the like. After I’m done moving, I’m going to a good-bye dinner hosted for me by my friends. There will be people there I haven’t seen in months, I’m really excited. Then on Saturday it’s the USC vs. UCLA football game. Should be a blow out! Go Trojans! It’s my last home game for…well, who knows how long, so it will be fun but sad. We’re getting there at the crack of dawn. Literally – we’re leaving for the Coliseum at 7 AM. Yes, SEVEN. That is really effing early. I’m sure I’ll be exhausted when I get home later that day. Then, Sunday I am getting the rest of my stuff out of the apartment, taking it to my parents’ house, and going through EVERYTHING to decide what needs to be sent to NYC and what will be held for me in California. Then, when I decide what’s going to NYC, I have to decide its level importance. For example, a shower curtain would be more immediately important than a pair of pants. I’m flying out to New York on the 30th, my parents are following me the following day, and Mike will be coming out on the 11th. That’s a lot of stuff that can be brought in suitcases. So, stuff needs to be deemed suitcase-worthy or UPS-worthy. Then I have to decide what suitcase stuff should go in. Then what UPS shipment. It’s a dance, I tell you.

Burbank smells like baked potatoes today. It’s comforting to know that I will still be deciphering smells in my new city.