Needless to say, ever since I made the decision to take the NYC job, my life has been a whirl-wind. Between trying to fit in every last friend, activity, and restaurant, I have hardly had time to breathe – not to mention the tons of packing I have to do. Oh, and work at my job, don’t forget about that one. I’ve managed to get a few things straightened away. Last week, my mom and I went out to NYC, and with the help of a very nice broker, I found a great place. It’s a studio, but it will do the job. It’s actually a lot bigger than what I thought I was going to get. So, yay! I had a huge weight off of me once I signed that lease. Then it was going around the new neighborhood (Upper East Side of Manhattan) to scope it out. It’s cute! Lots of little places to eat, drink, and shop. I like places with a lot of character. My building is even a National Historical Monument! Cool.

Ever since I got back on Friday night, it’s been non-stop stuff. Packing, dinners, shows, packing. Have I mentioned how much packing I have to do? Well, it’s a lot. How did I manage to move every nine months when I was in college? I guess I’ve been in Hermosa Beach for two and a half years now, so that’s the difference. And I’m a pack rat. However, the bulk of the moving is going to occur on Friday, so I have to get cracking.

I wish I had time to write more, but for now you will have to be content with this. I’ll write more this week – I hope!!! Here is a picture of me outside of my apartment.