Happy Halloween! Last night I celebrated Halloween by going to a Christmas show! Oh yeah, baby. I have a friend who works for American Idol, and she got Jackie, Bella, and I tickets to go to their Christmas Special. It was really fun – we totally got into the whole cheesy stand up and scream atmosphere. It’s hard not to! We were singing along, and clapping, and swaying, the whole bit. We were sitting in a place where we knew we would not be on TV, so it became our mission to have our voices make the program. I can’t wait to watch and see if any of us were successful. One thing I will say is that I had always heard it’s insanely loud at those tapings, and it really is. I give the sound people a LOT of credit.

It’s been a crazy week, hence the lack of updates. I will really get into everything next week. I just haven’t had the time this week. Plus, I need to talk to other people before I spill all the details here. I will unload on Monday! I am trying to get out of here early today. Halloween traffic is always bad because of parents trying to rush home to take the kids Trick-or-Treating, but now there is the added transit strike and impending rain. I want to leave here by 4 – hopefully that will happen!

Here’s another picture from last weekend’s party. It’s me and Eric Gagne, Star closer for the Dodgers! Yay!