I have decided that Armageddon is on it’s way, and for two reasons. The first is that there are crazy fires all over Southern Cali. The second is that the other night, while drunk, my fab friend Leslie gave driving directions that were RIGHT! I don’t think you know how amazing that is. Leslie is the type of person who literally gets lost driving down the street. The fact that she got us out of the neighborhood that none of us had been in before is shocking to me. See, if only Leslie could drink before she drove anywhere…oh, wait.

So, those fires. They seem to be everywhere. And they are HUGE. The wind is making the smoke and ash blow every which way, so even with my apartment about 45 miles from the nearest fire, we are still affected. There was ash on my car yesterday, and the air smelled like smoke – and not in that good, fireplace kind of way. I was outside for two hours yesterday, and by the time I got back inside, my eyes, nose, and lungs were burning, and I had a horrible headache. I can’t imagine what the firefighters are going through right now. Since I have some relatives in fire’s way right now, I am keeping my fingers crossed that things don’t get any worse. Ugh, it’s all so awful.

USC won on Saturday, and they moved up to number 4 in the BCS poll and number 3 in the other important polls. I like this trend. This weekend is homecoming, I can’t wait. This last Saturday a big, fun group of us watched the game at Sharkeez. The bar had drink specials for USC fans, so we used that to our advantage. After the game, it was back to the apartment to chill for a bit, then get ready for a big Halloween party. It was at a big house in El Segundo, and the people went all out in decorating the place. I went, as you can see from the picture, as a naughty school girl. Mike went as a priest/cardinal thing. We had tons of fun. I love it when people go all-out for Halloween, and there were some great costumes. I’ll post them all week.

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday dinner, and it was really nice to see the fam. I just wanted to say again, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOMMY!”