Happy birthday, Mommy! She looks so young, I tell ya. I’m so glad it’s Friday. I have football tomorrow, a party tomorrow night, and then shopping and dinner on Sunday. A nice, relaxing weekend. I really need it. Plus, Halloween is a week from today – something I have been looking forward to for ages. Now I just need to figure out my costume. I thought about going as Jessica Simpson, but the accessories needed for that are a little too pricey. Plus, would people know what I was supposed to be? Who knows? So I think I am going to be something a little more obvious. Since the party tomorrow requires costumes, I’ll have to get something tonight or in the afternoon tomorrow. Costume shopping is so fun.

I’m tired. I’m sick of this work stuff yanking me around. I need to take sleeping pills so I can actually get a good night’s sleep! You can push all the doubt and uncertainty out of your head during the day, but those thoughts will find a way into your brain somehow. I always get attacked when I’m trying to sleep. It makes for many restless nights.

I went back to the dentist today for the final step in the work I had done last week…and, just as I was about ONE MINUTE away from being done and never having to set foot in that office again, the dentist CHIPPED MY TOOTH. God damn son of a bitch. So now I have to go back in a couple weeks. I hate them. I told the receptionist that they’d better find an appointment sooner than November 11th, being that this is their big mess-up and all. I think she saw the wrath in my eyes, because she promised rather quickly that she was sure they could, and that they’d call me as soon as they had a cancellation. Or, maybe she wanted the crazy chick away from her. Whatever the reason, I know her name and I know what she promised me, and if it isn’t delivered, OH, the hurt I will put down.

So, my hair cut! I like it. I know my “before” picture yesterday is a back shot, but when I was messing with my camera I didn’t really like any of those shots. That’s why you get this one. I think it better shows how different my hair is, anyway. It’s scary how much I look like both of my parents in this picture. Seriously. It’s Halloween-scary.