I love Chicago! I have had the best time here so far. After flying during the day on Thursday, Mike and I met up with Danielle, Leslie, and Matt, who had flown in the day before. We went to a restaurant named Carson’s, where we had an authentic Chicago Ribs dinner. It was soooo delicious. After that, we met up with Jackie, Bella, and Kimbrough and the group of us bar hopped around Rush and Division, the big bar area of Chicago. Today, Mike and I woke up and met up with Leslie and Matt at the USC rally on Navy Pier. During the entire rally, I held up the sign you see in the picture to the left (I know it’s small, so I’ll tell you: “Need 2 Tickets, Please Help! Fight On!” I’m so polite). No luck. Then, the four of us walked down Michigan Ave and found a great pizza place. The four of us demolished two pizzas. Let’s just say that now, 10 hours later, I am still full. Then we took the subway to Wrigleyville! It was so cool to go to one of the oldest baseball stadiums in the country. We took tons of pictures, I’ll link to them when I get back to California. After that, Mike noticed a bar just down the street from the stadium that boasted batting cages. How could we pass that up? We went there and played in the arcade/batting cage for hours. And, hopefully, I made a ticket connection. Totally beat, the four of us headed back to downtown Chicago, where we went our separate ways. After resting our aching feet in our hotel room for a bit, Mike and I walked down the street to an amazing blues club, Blue Chicago. We would have stayed there until closing, except that we have to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to catch the bus to South Bend. Hopefully when we get on the bus I will have tickets to the game! Keep your fingers crossed. I know this is a short update, but I paid $9.95 for internet access and I’m going to use it, damn it! Also, I want to say good luck to my cousin, Leah. She’s doing the AIDS Walk in LA on Sunday. Go Leah! You rock!!!