As of the time I am starting to write this, the Red Sox are losing to the Yankees 6-4. No! Damn it, I really want Boston to go to the Series. Especially if the Cubs make it, that will make the games more interesting. If it’s a New York/Florida Series, forget it. BO-RING! I can’t have these wild-card teams making it to the World Series. The wild card is such B.S. Just like the Designated Hitter. They both ruin baseball, I tell ya! Oh, I just realized that Boston is a wild-card team. Well, that still doesn’t change how I feel about the wild-card, but I think it would be neat, FOR HISTORY’S SAKE (because I do everything for history’s sake) if it was a Boston/Chicago World Series. Okay, I’ll be quiet now.

I went over to Urban Outfitters during my lunch break today. I received an email from them saying that they were having a sale, and I needed to get a sweater to take with me to Chicago. It seems that one I already owned somehow shrank. When I exited my building…oh my God, the smell! I know I talk about it a lot here, but really, it was soooo bad today. The gardeners had been working on our lawn and shrubs, and apparently they had fertilized. I saw some people sitting on the benches outside smoking, and I wondered how they could stand the smell. Of course, when you are addicted to something, I suppose you don’t really care so much about how the airs smells around you, as long as you can smoke. Plus, cigarettes don’t exactly smell like roses. But then I started thinking, which is always dangerous. I remember once at a sleepover, a girl lit a fart on fire with a lighter. Yes, I know, that’s gross. So, I realized that the air totally smelled like fart, and I wondered if the smokers could possibly trigger an explosion by lighting up. What? It’s a legitimate thought – the smell was really strong, so it had to be concentrated in the area. I didn’t stick around to find out, I just pulled my shirt up around my nose and mouth and booked it over to Urban.

Chicago tomorrow! The city will be nuts if the Cubs win tonight. It will be really fun to be there when the city is so excited. On the other hand, if they don’t win…well, I won’t think about that. No matter what happens, I will have a ton of fun in Chicago. USC better win, man. Also, I wouldn’t mind getting a ticket to the game. That might be cool. I’m really excited to be going out of town – I need a break!

The pie class last night was fun, but not what I thought it would be. Instead of everyone following along to the teacher’s instructions with their own ingredients, we instead watched her make everything. So, I didn’t get to bring home any pies, although I do have some really yummy recipes to try. Oh, and we got to eat her end results, which was nice! My dad was pretty bummed that my mom and I didn’t bring him back any pies, though, as was Mike. It just means I need to get to cooking.

And, in case you were wondering, the Lying Liars who tell Lies (also known as my company) did not tell everyone what the status of their jobs are. It was supposed to happen today…and, well, it’s after 7 in New York now, and I’m thinking that everyone has gone home. So, another weekend of not knowing lies ahead of me. Thank goodness I have a ton of fun stuff to do. They can’t lay you off if you’re on vacation, right? Right?!