Woo, only two days until I go to Chicago! I can’t wait. I love Chicago, it’s one of those towns where there is so much going on. Not to mention beautiful. And, since I’m leaving on Thursday, that means only one more day of work this week. It will be a big day, though, if you believe the rumors: Wednesday is pink-slip day. I’ve heard so many rumors at this point I don’t know what to believe anymore, but I do have it on good authority that there WILL be lay-offs tomorrow. I just don’t know if it will be in my department or not. To add to the confusion, my boss is out of town for the rest of the week. With my luck, whatever happens that will affect me will all go down on Thursday or Friday. I’m not going to let that potentially ruin my weekend, though. I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for too long to let a little thing like job status ruin it.

I had a really fun weekend. On Friday night, I went to Oktoberfest, and, despite my sore mouth, managed to consume copious amounts of beer. Look how cute Bella, Danielle, Woodsy, and I look with our steins. And, check out my hat. I don’t know what Peter Pan hats have to do with Oktoberfest, but I like it nonetheless. Saturday was the USC/Stanford football game. I always manage to forget how totally lame Stanford fans and their band are…man, they are so stupid. USC kicked ass, and thanks to “Separation Saturday,” managed to move back up into the Top 5 in both football polls. Yay! I won’t talk about bowl games here. On Sunday, Mike and I got up early and caught a slow boat to Catalina…okay, it was a fast boat, but it was choppy water, and even with my sea-sickness patch I still felt ill. We had a nice day on the island, eating and drinking and watching great music at the Catalina Jazz Festival. By the time we got home, I was totally exhausted. I really need to catch up on sleep. Jeez, I am always saying that. I should just give up!

Tonight, my mom and I are taking a pie-making class! According to the class description, we will be learning “platinum pie crust recipes as well as an easy NO ROLL piecrust. Find out the secret to All American Apple Play Dough Pie and the holiday masterpiece Brown Sugar Meringue Baked Alaska Pumpkin Pie. Quick and easy petite puffed pastry apple tartlets round out the class.” Um…hell yeah! I don’t mind if I forget everything I learn tomorrow, as long as I get to take home something yummy. I hope I get to make both pies. If not, I’ll make one and my mom will make the other. Man, I am shaking my head right now at how smart I am.