It’s October! YAY! That means that Halloween is almost here, and that makes me so, so happy. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Yes, more than Christmas. I love dressing up and I love having parties, and Halloween allows me to do both. Last year we had a huge, HUGE party…so huge that we can’t have it there this year. So, right now, we are searching for a place to hold the party. We will not be shut down!

At 12:30 I am leaving work to begin the journey up north for Mike’s sister’s wedding. I’m swinging by Mike’s house to pick him up, then we are driving back to my apartment and from there we are cabbing it to the airport. But, before we get a cab, I am going to my old bar to get one of my most favorite lunches ever – The Lobster Burrito. It’s only made on Thursdays from 11-4, so I haven’t had one since I quit working there, over a year and a half ago. I am so excited for it! I’m excited for the wedding, too, of course, but the burrito, it is only a few hours away! Instant gratification. The weekend is going to be really fun, but totally packed with activities. I’m going to need a vacation from it all soon.

Not too much else going on with me. I’ve been following the baseball playoffs and watching the new TV season. Pretty wild stuff, I tell you. I posted this picture today because I think it is so cute. It’s not the best quality, as it is a picture of a picture (and just a proof at that), but it really shows how happy Tara and I were that day. Isn’t she so pretty?! Hee, I just re-read that, and it makes it seem like it was my wedding. Aw, remember when Tara and I got married? Hee. Just kidding.