I don’t think I’ve ever gone so long without posting a picture at the beginning of an entry. I just haven’t taken any good pictures lately. Sure, last week I took some pictures of Danielle singing her heart out at Karaoke, but my camera’s battery is dead and I’m lazy and my feet hurt and I just haven’t moved the pictures onto my hard drive. I will, though, and then there will be new pictures for all of you to look at. Okay, Christi? Okay, I’m glad we’ve had this talk. As all of my friends and family and co-workers know, I am a flip-flops kind of girl. I have enough problems deciding what to wear in the morning, and if I had to add shoes into that mix, I’d have to wake up much earlier every morning. It’s easy, and comfortable, to just slip on a pair of flip flops and be on my way. I have them in many, many colors, but my favorites are by Reefs – they mold to your feet! It’s like getting a hug from your shoe! Today, however, I decided that since I was going to be traveling up north, I should dress a little warmer. And that decision lead me to choose knee-high boots to go with my outfit. I haven’t even worn sneakers to work in months, but I thought that I would make it through a whole day in knee-high ho boots. Let me just say, for the last hour I have been cruising around the office in my socks. Thank goodness my socks are somewhat cute. I need Christi to school me in sock buying.

I’ve decided I need paragraphs.

For my lunch today, I decided I wanted something from Noah’s Bagels, a fine chain establishment located about a block and a half from my office. As I walked over there, trying not to breathe through my nose, I noticed that some construction fencing across from the bagel place was gone. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that the store under construction was open. The store is Urban Outfitters. A new shopping establishment! Lunch could wait. I walked in and asked the greeter person how long the store had been open, “Since Tuesday.” Man! I had missed the grand opening, those bitches! They need to advertise and stuff. I had fun browsing the store. I saw lots of little things I wanted to buy for my friends. I added them to my mental lists, because everyone has a birthday, you know? The thing I like about Urban Outfitters is their t-shirt selection. I love t-shirts. I was trying to decide between four: a green one that said, “everyone loves an Irish girl,” a yellow one that stated, “Blondes Have More Fun,” a blue one that read, “sorority girls do it with their sisters,” and a white one, “Have You Hugged My Shirt Today?” I covet all of them, so it was a hard decision. In the end, though, I got the hug shirt. I need a shirt to wear tomorrow, and I will be around Mike’s family. I figure that he, his sister, and her fiancé would think the sorority one was funny, his parents…would not. So the other shirts will have to wait until the next time I choose clothes over food.

The delightful thing, however, was upon purchasing my shirt I was given a free canvas bag. On one side it says, “Burbank” in bold blue letters, and on the other side it says, “Golden State.” I love free promotional crap that is useful while also proclaiming where I work and shop! Wheeeeee! Free Canvas Bag over my shoulder, I walked back over to the bagel shop. I saw a car with a license plate that read “*heart*SLEPNN” (Love sleeping in). I like it, I like it. I love personalized plates that are easy to figure out. I have one, and it should be the easiest thing in the world to decipher, yet people ask me all the time what it means. Idiots.

Anywho, I went into Noah’s, and I was behind one of “those” woman in line. You know who I mean. Short, a little too dressy, demanding and loud. This woman wanted to sample all the schmears. Then the potato salad. Then the salmon. The salmon! Jeeez. She kept telling the cashier that she needed to think a moment, but as soon as the cashier would look past her to the next customer she would snap, “It’s still my turn!” What a bitch! When she finally made up her mind, she had all these stipulations for how her meal had to be prepared. My favorites were, “the person making it needs to wear FRESH gloves. I don’t want my food to taste like anything else,” and, “My pickle needs to be out of the jar, NOT from that case thing you have.” Um, demanding much? I always wonder why people like her eat out. If you are afraid of germs, or need something made just so, make it yourself! Or at least let me go in front of you so I don’t have to listen to your stupid mouth.