It’s been an interesting week at work. I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop for a while now, and yesterday when my boss asked me to come into his office to talk, I could have sworn I heard the thud of said shoe. And it was…I think…sort of. In a five minute conversation, I was told that my position is being eliminated, but that a new one is being created and The Powers That Be wanted me for it. I went back to my desk to wait for the call from Human Resources, the call that my boss told me was coming. So I waited…and waited…and here I am, approximately 24 hours later, and I’m still waiting. It’s now after 6 in NYC, so everyone is home for the weekend. That means I have to wait all weekend in this weird limbo state. Do I have a job or what? What is this new position? When is this going to go into effect? And, as I wait, I start to doubt myself. Did the conversation really happen at all? In my sleepiness, did I just imagine the whole thing? No…I know that it happened. I immediately IM’d K and The Boyfriend, so they can vouch for me. It’s just unsettling. I hate not having control of everything. Yeah, I’m one of those people. Now I get a really fun weekend of waiting around, having to tell my family and roommates that I might have a job, I might not, I might have to go on unemployment, I might have to move, I might have to take a valium with a shot of Tequila (or a handful, go The O.C.!). God damn HR people! What, are you too busy to lay me off? Or are you too busy laying of fother people and you forgot about poor little me, sitting here in a cube in California? I’m okay with that, actually. Anything that gets me one more day of pay while I look at job postings on the internet. I just can’t obsess about this. I am one of those people who will think and worry and stress about something, to the point where I can’t sleep and have no appetite. I knew that would be my fate last night, so as a counter-measure, I met up with some pals and went out. Nothing makes me crave food or pass out like alcohol! There is something to be said about drinking when you’re stressed – after two beers, I was good to go. There was karaoke at the bar, and I was one of the few willing participants. I sang “…Baby One More Time,” complete with hand motions and miming. I sang “On The Radio,” and did a disco dance. I performed, “Bootylicious,” with butt shaking and hand clapping. I was on fire, baby! I also joined Dana and Danielle on stage for their performances, because really, the people at the bar just hadn’t had enough of me. It was really fun, just what I needed. Then, when I got home at midnight, I decided I needed some mac and cheese. I realized I’d taped the Survivor premiere, so I wisely watched it. AT 12:30 IN THE MORNING! AND IT WAS A 90 MINUTE SHOW! So, I’m tired today. I may have spent my lunch break in my car. In the backseat. Resting my eyes. And hey, that’s no small feat – I have a convertible, and those back seats are small. When I was walking back from my car, I noticed that there was all this white paint splattered on the ground. I thought that was weird – there is nothing white in the vicinity of my building, and nothing was being painted white – so I took a closer look. I only had to lean over a bit to realize that it was BIRD SHIT. EVERYWHERE! Gross! This is why I hate working in Burbank. Only in Burbank could there be so much bird crap everywhere, and no one will notice it or think it odd. Blech. It made me sick, mateys! Hee. It’s National Talk Like a Pirate Day! How awesome is that? I just talked to The Boyfriend on the phone, and we couldn’t stop talking like pirates. Hee, I love being his wench. Talking like a pirate is so easy, and there is no way I will get tired of it. My friends, that is another story. Mike and I are meeting up with Matt and Leslie for the Dodgers/Giants game tonight, and I know that Mike and I will talk like Pirates for a good hour at the very least. And we will crack each other up, while Matt and Leslie look at each other and think, “Why are we friends with these people?” The other big news from yesterday is that my brother is on TV. He’s in a “no on the recall” television ad. You can read more about it here. Now that I know he’s in the ad, I am seeing it during every commercial break. Here is a still of it. Now you will see it, too!!!

Man…Kyle is on TV, and I don’t even know if I have a job. When did I become George and when did Kyle become Elaine?