Right now I am listening to Star 98.7’s American Idol-esque competition…oh my lord, some of these people are so bad! It’s not funny if you can’t see the people! Jeez. This chick just sang “Hero” by Mariah Carey. God, she was so bad. C’mon, Ryan Seacrest! Why are you subjecting me to this? Anyway. I’ve had a very kick-back week so far. Nothing too exciting. I watched TV and went to bed early on Monday, and last night I went shopping with my mom. No success in the shopping department – I need a dress for Mike’s sister’s wedding in two and a half weeks. Speaking Mike’s Sister, we had a very fun weekend celebrating her 30th birthday. It took us about 5 hours to drive there, so we had time to eat dinner with his parents when we arrived. On Saturday there were some errands to be run, some lunch and football/baseball games to watch, and then it was time for the birthday extravaganza. Her Fiancé bought us drinks all night – three bottles of wine, two shots, a martini, and a bottle of champagne – so we were pretty toasted by the end of the night. But none more the Mike’s Sister…she may have thrown up on the way home into a bag. It’s nice to see that even when you’re 30, you’re not too old to barf in the backseat of your parents’ car. The next day we all went to breakfast, and Mike’s mom kept commenting on how quiet we all were. Ah, the quiet a hangover brings. Tonight I am going to try another store in search of a dress. Wow, I am just so interesting today.