I had a really, really fun weekend. It’s like a double-edged sword to have such a nice, fun weekend. On the one hand, lots of fun activities, friends, etc. On the other hand…Mondays are so much harder. When I woke up yesterday morning, I was so pissed off. I just wanted more fun activities and sleep and all of that. On Friday night, Jackie and I went out with Jenny and some of her friends to White Lotus. Aw, now I’m going to get hits from people who want to know about the place. Well, let me tell you. We had a lot of fun, but it is full of chicks. I’d say the girl to guy ratio is about 6 to 1. And the guys? Big dorks who are trying too hard. Maybe some girls are impressed with your shiny Fred Segal shirt and 100 dollar bills, but we are not those girls. Whenever I go to these trendy places, I am reminded of why I like going out closer to home. I could have had the same amount of fun at Beaches or Sharkeez. But, it’s good to branch out, and even though I spent $18 on one round of drinks, it was the only round I had to buy for myself. And that is always appreciated. Then, Saturday was the Big Game Day – the first USC home football game of the season. I love my USC football, in case you are new to this site. It makes me so, so happy. At least lately – sometimes they force me to hate them, like the Dodgers. Anyway, I saw lots of people I hadn’t seen in a while, and even though I spent the first part of the game with a headache, I had a lot of fun. AND, USC defeated BYU 35-18 in a game that was a lot closer than it should have been. A win is a win, though, and I will take it. Check out the massive amount of Missionaries that were on hand for the game. At a game attended by over 75,000, it was impossible to miss them. Then, Sunday, more surfing! This time I got Jackie and Dana to go with me, and they are now as addicted as I am. The waves on Sunday were much, much better than the last time I surfed, and I got up easily my first few tries. Which isn’t to say that I didn’t also have several spectacular wipe-outs. But they were fewer than before. I may be getting the hang of this surfing thing! The water was MUCH colder, though, and I was a big whiner even though I had on a full body wetsuit. Dana and Jackie did really, really well for their first time ever surfing. I love how all my friends are so fun and willing to try things. Go my friends! After surfing, we and the Christies grabbed some food, got some beach time in, and then headed home to get ready for the night’s activities. After living in Hermosa Beach for over two years, we finally walked the two blocks and saw a show at the Comedy and Magic Club. Jay Leno was the headliner, and he was MUCH funnier than on TV, not like that’s hard, since he sucks on TV. I had a great time. See, what a fun weekend I had! This weekend will be just as fun, though. Mike and I are driving up to San Fran for his sister’s 30th birthday celebration. We’re going to a dinner show thing, and hanging out and all of that fun stuff. I’m looking forward to it, and to all my weekends for the next few weeks. Tonight I am going to Sharkeez for a big O.C. cast party. Note that I am not linking to it. I have already been getting hits for this event and I hadn’t even mentioned that I was going. It should be a madhouse, but the good thing is that most of the fans of The O.C. are teenagers, and you have to be 21 to get into Sharkeez. Ha ha! That’s what you get, teenagers! Have fun standing outside.