I have been on strike from the computer. I’ve been so busy with compiling nominees for the Grammy’s that when I have any time to update, I just want to turn my brain off and play solitaire. I can’t believe it’s already been over a week since my last update. I used to get mad at myself when I wouldn’t update every day of the week, and now here I am letting eight days go by. Not to say that I’m not mad at myself, but I have decided that I just have to let some things go. Besides getting all the nominees straight, I really haven’t done a whole heck of a lot. I had a very fun Labor Day weekend. First of all, my Trojans not only won their first football game, they moved up to number four in the rankings. I don’t dare get my hopes up for a National Championship season…okay, they’re up! After one game, I am ready to spend New Years in New Orleans. That would be kind of fun, actually. I don’t think I would ever go to New Orleans otherwise, unless Mike wanted to go there. Oh, speaking of Mike, he bought me a Mr. Winkle doll! It is so cute, it looks just like him. I’m all about the posable dolls. I had a really cute picture of Mike holding Mr. Winkle, but I accidentally erased it. Oh, the shame I feel. So the link will have to do. The rest of my Labor Day weekend was spent at a variety of BBQs. It was nice and relaxing. And I think I gained a lot of weight after all the beers and BBQs because man, were my jeans tight on Tuesday. I told myself it was because I’d just washed them, but I know in the back of my mind the real reason. The rest of my week has been nice and easy. I got my nails done courtesy of Jackie, I saw Tara and a bunch of her wedding stuff, and I had dinner with Mike and some friends. All in all, a good week. Tonight I’m going to White Lotus with Jackie and Jenny. It should be fun – Jenny is one of those people who knows everyone and can get in anywhere, so going out with her can be an experience. Then, tomorrow, more football! It’s the first home game, I am so excited. A, because I love watching football in person, and B, because there will be people there that I haven’t seen in months. It’s a reunion of sorts. On Sunday I’m going surfing again. Hopefully I will have better luck this time. I’m just going to try to surf the way I originally learned and not worry about the technique they tried to teach me last time. I have to go with what’s easiest for me. Then, on Sunday night I am going to the Comedy and Magic Club right down the street from me to see Jay Leno. I’ve heard that he is really funny live, much more adult than he is on TV. I have a pretty packed weekend, now that I look at it! Mike will be spending his weekend looking at naked chicks. That’s right. He’s going to his future brother-in-law’s bachelor party up in San Francisco. This weekend starts our multiple trips up to the Bay Area – four times for him this month and three for me. We might as well just get an apartment there.