I know, I haven’t really updated in soooo long. I suck. It all starts innocently, you know. I don’t normally update on Mondays because I’m mad I’m at work and would rather do other things besides think. It was like that this last Monday. Then, on Tuesday, I left work early and suddenly. Yesterday, as I was thinking about what I was going to write, The Boss told me I could leave. Sorry, but I wasn’t going to stay and write when I could be in my bed! So, finally, an update. I had a very nice, fun weekend. On Friday, Dana had a happy hour party at Sharkeez. By the time I got there, after battling traffic for two hours, everyone was pretty toasted. I had a lot of catching up to do. It was fun to sit and drink with the crew. After we wore out our welcome at Sharkeez, we moved onto Union Cattle. I finally rode the bull! I convinced Dana that she should ride it, too, and after we had a beer we went for it. It was really fun, although it’s hard. Falling off was actually the most fun, the padding is really soft. On Saturday morning, Mike and I went to a dog show. I’ll be writing more about that later for Ostrich Ink, so I’ll add a link then. The rest of Saturday we just chilled out, read, went for a walk, and then had dinner with my parents. On Sunday, Woodsy and I got up nice and early for a surf lesson! It was a blast. Our instructor taught a different technique than I had originally learned, so I had a bit of trouble adjusting. Read: Lots of wipeouts. I swallowed a lot of salt water because I had a bad habit of yelling when I fell. I was frustrated! I can’t wait for my next lesson. The rest of Sunday was spent eating and recovering, and tending to our little Jackie. She got very, very sick on Sunday. She had a temperature of 104.6 at one point! I could kill the urgent care doctor who thought it was okay for her to leave with a temperature that high. They just gave her a shot and sent her on her way. Idiots. On Monday, we took her back because her temperature was still very high. So, being geniuses, they gave her another shot, and a prescription for her pain. On Tuesday, we’d had enough, and this time it was to the emergency room and an actual hospital. There, the doctors gave her a CAT scan, and an IV, and generally took far better care of her. She went back yesterday for one more IV treatment, and today she went back to work! Yay for Jackie’s health! Tonight are the MTV Video Music Awards. I heard Carson Daly interviewed on the radio this morning, and he said the big opening number is Madonna, Britney Spears, Christina Haguilera, and Missy Elliott. Some people are saying that J Lo is involved in it, too. We’ll have to wait and see. I have a half-day tomorrow at work. The last time I had a half-day, The Boss told me I didn’t have to come in. Here’s hoping that spirit moves him again. Not that a half-day is bad. And then, finally, USC football is here on Saturday! We’re going to watch it at the apartment and drink beer and be merry. I can’t wait! I just love long weekends. I think this one is just what I need.