Thanks to the blaster worm, and a big hitch with my web hosting company, I haven’t been able to update in a while. My hosting company had to switch me over to a new updating interface, and it was missing a lot of crucial things I needed in order to update properly. So, after several emails and IMs to the support staff, I think everything is finally fixed, and updates won’t be mysteriously disappearing anymore. It’s just a shame that I can’t get the updates that disappeared back. I don’t save this babble on my own computer, you know. So that, coupled with the blaster virus, has prevented my updates lately. I haven’t had anything insane happen to me, luckily. Actually, it’s been just the opposite: I’ve gotten to hang out with my friends, and I spent SEVEN NIGHTS IN A ROW in my own bed. I know you’re probably thinking, dude, what a Ho, but in this case, you would be wrong (see what I did there?). I was gone every weekend, remember? And many days during the week? Aren’t you keeping up with the little details of my life? Last week I had a great dinner and night out with Brianne, who has just returned from South Africa and took some amazing photos. I also went out with Mike to a yummy dinner at Union Cattle. That place is so good. I highly recommend getting there just before sunset and sitting on the roof – the view is amazing. On Friday, we had a fun night out dancing, although my body didn’t really want to stay out late and it let me know. Saturday, Mike and I went shopping, went to Sharkeez, and then joined Bella, Steve and Jackie for some crazy disco bowling. Yes, the ‘fro made an appearance, and yes, I do have photos. I’ll put one up tomorrow, I left my camera cords at home. It was a ton of fun, but I am still sore from bowling. Yes, that is possible, when you go big like I do. Sunday was spent at Chillers…I mean, Latitudes, and even though my beer bong was broken and I was booed, I still walked away with a free hat. It’s all good, indeed. Last night was my dad’s birthday, so I went out to have dinner with him and to keep him company. My mom is visiting an old friend in Ohio, and I didn’t want my poor daddy to eat a Lean Cuisine for dinner on his special day. We had fun talking crap about everyone we know. Yes, that includes you. Or does it? Ha.