It’s official, I have that damn virus that’s been going around. I didn’t even realize it until the Uni tech guy came in my office to make sure I’d downloaded the security patch against it. At the same time, my friend Brianne emailed me after reading my entry from yesterday where I described all the things wrong with my computer. How I did not put two and two together I will never know. As I told Brianne, I had just installed some new software that I got from a somewhat shady source, so I just assumed that was the problem. I don’t go on the internet very often on the weekends, so I didn’t really even think I would be at risk for the worm. Except this weekend, I was on the internet for about five minutes on Saturday. FIVE! That was all it needed, though. So, now I must download and install that patch. Okay, gotta sign off before my computer boots me!