I am afraid to write anything here…I have had some very strange and annoying server problems over the last 5 days. For example, I posted on Friday and made a bunch of other changes; yet, when I looked at the site yesterday, it was back to the old post from last Wednesday, about Tara and George. I was a little surprised to see the post had vanished. Then I started to think that, perhaps, I was crazy and I hadn’t posted anything on Friday. But, no, Leah had commented on it and so had Mike. Kyle hadn’t seen it, though. So, after several emails back and forth with the Insider Hosting tech support dude, someone how my old entry was back. And now, I am missing emails. Damn it! So frustrating. AND for some reason, when I check my email on my home computer, it suddenly tells me that I have 60 seconds to save everything before it reboots. The hell? I just don’t get these computers sometimes. Last night, the roomies and I watched some crazy TV. First was our Tivo’d The O.C. Too funny, especially when you watch it with someone from Newport Beach. Bella is going to get a lot of teasing from Jackie and me as long as this TV show is on. When that was over, we watched a show about alcohol consumption and hang overs. Good times, good times. Unfortunately, the show on after that was about surgeries…really gross ones that show the blood and the malformations and stuff. Yuck. Not a good thing to watch before bed. And THEN, I woke up this morning and the Today Show had a segment on FEET. Feet! In the morning! And not just normal gross feet, but feet that had been tortured by shoes. Ew, I thought I was going to die. I just hate the feet. I thought about making one of those No symbols over a picture of a foot, but that would mean I’d have to look at feet…and that is not gonna happen.