Today is my Uncle Bill’s birthday. It is such a glorious day: the sky is blue, there are no clouds, and he has his birthday all to himself! Oh, except that it is also J.C. Chasez’s birthday. You know, J.C. from *NSYNC. He’s a babe. Wow, two great people with birthdays today. Birthdays that mean something. It’s also my cousin Leah’s birthday, but she’s only turning 20, so who the hell cares?! You can’t drink or gamble, and you’re not a teenager anymore. At 20, you are nothing. Hee, just kidding, Leah!!! Twenty is cool because you are THAT MUCH CLOSER to 21. Only 366 days until 21, baby! And, yes, I said 366. 2004 is a leap year. Do not test my mad date skillz. So, happy birthday, Leah! My mom, aunts, Leah, and I are going to Palm Desert this weekend to celebrate. Yay, more intense heat! I love it. It’s a good heat, not like the heat here in Burbank, which is stinky and sweaty and foul. Blech. I am so over Burbank. Last night, Mike and I went out to dinner to celebrate his victory in another contest. We went to the local sushi place, where a girl I went to college with was our waitress. She gave us our first round of drinks for free. Our first round was two large Sapporos and a large sake. Free! That round alone probably came out to $19.00. So I, being the former starving bartender, gave her a $20 tip. My motivations weren’t entirely generous…I found out yesterday that for every dollar I spend there on my United Credit card, I get ten miles toward a free ticket. Ten! Before dinner last night, I was only 766 miles away from said free ticket. Now, I am only 66 miles away! I could go back there and buy one roll of sushi and I would be flying pretty, my friends. It’s like that one episode of Friends where they had that bet that no good deed was unselfish. Yes, I gave a friend a good tip, but I also got an extra 200 airline miles out of it! Woo, go me! Oh, and I got a good meal out of it, and time with Mike! I was just a winner all around.