There are some things that people don’t have fun shopping for. I personally don’t enjoy going to the grocery store when I have to buy stuff like tampons and deodorant, although I’ve gotten over the embarrassment that I used to feel. I don’t like shopping for shoes, and bra shopping is kind of a pain. But, there is something about doing the shopping for others that makes it different. I’ve bought my friends deodorant and condoms and tampons without a second thought. If it isn’t for me, I feel like everyone knows it. Last night, Leslie, Christi, and I went lingerie shopping for our friends who are getting married. I refer back to where I said I hate bra shopping. I like wearing the bras, I just don’t particularly enjoy the process of picking one out. But buying one for someone else? FUN! I don’t have to try anything on, I just get a gift receipt, and all is right with the world. The three of us set off for the Del Almo Mall after work. I don’t know, I feel as though I have been to a fair amount of malls in my day…the Del Almo Mall sucks. It may have a ton of stores (including, for some reason, two of some), but the layout is the worst thing in the world. The mall is H-U-G-E, and you have to wander around food courts and up escalators and down stairs and through department stores to get from one end of the mall to the other. And you still might not be able to find the store you’re looking for. As luck would have it, we parked as far away from our store (in this case, Frederick’s of Hollywood) as we possibly could. We had to stop and consult every directory we passed on our way. Finally, after what seemed like hours of walking, we finally arrived at the store. Leslie was blushing, “I’ve never been to a lingerie store! I don’t know what to get!” Meanwhile, Christi and I were like, “Yeah! I dig this crotchless one-piece teddy with the feathers over the nipples!” Leslie isn’t as close with her engaged friend as I am with Tara, so it was hard for us to pick out something for her. Everything one of us held up for her was greeted with, “I can NOT see her wearing that!” Leslie’s friend is more of a Tom Boy. But, she finally settled on a pretty purple thing that looks sort of like this. I can’t find the exact outfit on the website. I walked all over that store looking for the perfect thing for Tara. I am very pleased with what I picked out. But, no link! Sorry! Email me and I’ll send it to you. I think it is the perfect mix of sassy and sexy. The Frederick’s website describes it as “perfect to wear alone, or under a suit jacket!” What? I think the Frederick’s web designers are on crack, because, yeah, it’s pretty, but it is also LACE. And lace has HOLES in it. Do you follow what I’m saying? I always have fun when I’m with my pals, so it was nice to have Leslie and Christi along for the shopping trip. They had good opinions. So don’t worry, Tara, if you are reading this. Everyone likes it! George will love it, too. Hee hee. I would like to point out that this picture is of Erin, who was born 21 years ago today! I remember when she was born! Do a shot for me, Erin! Doesn’t she look grossed out? She’s holding that thong like it’s contaminated. Sisqo would be so sad.