I have had one of those days where I haven’t really done a whole hell of a lot, which is good because I’m not really feeling all that great today. I just can not shake this damn cold that I have! I woke up with a sore throat, and it hasn’t gone away all day. Say what I will about other illness symptoms, but a sore throat is one of those things I just turn into a baby over. It is so painful, and I use my voice all day at work so it is constantly aggravated. Luckily, I have been very quiet today, which is easy to do when you are all alone in your office (grumble), and you only answer the calls from numbers you recognize, sending everything else to voicemail. I just can’t be sick anymore. I can’t. I had a very good weekend, though, despite the fact that I didn’t feel well for most of it. I left work early on Friday (hence the lack of an update) to go to a wedding with Mike. It was a very nice wedding, although the ceremony…was interesting. The priest is here on sabbatical from India, and he had never performed a wedding in the US before. And it totally, totally showed. He forgot parts of the ceremony, like THE VOWS, kept blanking on the bride’s name, never told the groom he could kiss the bride, and told a very long story about all the suffering involved in marriage. Good way to start off! And YES JEN, I cried when everyone walked into the church. I am such a freaking woman! I didn’t lose control, though, which is good. There is something about hearing that music that makes me get all teary for some reason. I think it is in my female DNA. I’m going to need to listen to it over and over before Tara’s wedding, because I don’t want to be that blubbering freak bridesmaid walking down the aisle. I thought I was very sly with the tear wiping, but Mike noticed the tears. Damn. Anyway, the reception was so fun, there was a great band that did a million Beatles covers and a bunch of other stuff, too. I don’t normally like bands, but they were awesome. Mike and I danced up a storm. The bride looked gorgeous, the dresses were pretty, it was a good cake, blah blah blah. All in all, a very fun, successful wedding. This photo was taken at the wedding. The favors for all of the guests were sunglasses, with a little tag that read, “The Future is so Bright.” Am I cheesy? Because I thought that was cute. So here, Mike and I are showing off our Mamma Jamma Style. I like to point. The next day, I went out to the Homeland to attend a wedding shower for Tara. I wish I hadn’t been feeling so poorly, because it was lots of fun but it was very hard for me to get into it. I soldiered through, though! I got lots of fun pictures, and I’ll let you know when I post them in the wedding section. Tara is getting some crazy nice stuff as presents. I’m all kinds of jealous. I love neat kitchen and bedding stuff. Jackie and I have decided that we should just go register for stuff and tell people it’s a belated housewarming gift. Or a “welcome to the apartment, Bella” gift. When it comes down to it, we just want new stuff that Jackie’s older sisters and brother and Bella’s brother and my parents haven’t used before us. Not that we aren’t grateful for the hand me downs! We’re grateful, but also greedy. I think it’s big of us to admit it. Anyway, the shower was fun, although I was robbed in TWO contests, I mean games (you know which ones, Tara). I had to leave a bit early to get my bridesmaid dress altered. The woman is cutting like a foot off the bottom of my skirt. Ah, to be short. On Saturday, it also happened to be Diane’s birthday, so a big group of us went out to celebrate it. I sat across from George, and we decided that the first song he and Tara should dance to as Man and Wife is “I Wanna Sex You Up,” by Color Me Badd. I don’t know if Tara will be hip to that, but I wish George the best of luck in convincing her. I will give him a shiny penny if he could convince her. Mmmm, just thinking about what I ate for dinner is making me hungry. Is it time to go home yet? Damn. It was a good birthday dinner, complete with the Avoiding Game (Ashley and I both won) and drunk Diane. Good times! On Sunday, Mike and I had a great day. We were very domestic, going to the store, cooking breakfast and dinner, washing our cars, and doing laundry. And, I got in some good tanning time as I willed the sun to somehow dry up all the phlegm in my lungs. Alas, it did not happen. So, today, I cough and cough and swear at Tylenol for not making a more effective cold medicine. Bastards!