I had the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. Friday night, I was surrounded by my best friends, and we enjoyed yummy dinner and wine. Although, I have to say, the service was not the greatest. We are a kind group, though, and didn’t complain because the waiter was nice. My friends brought me presents, which was SO nice of them. I have to say, my friends really know me. I received some of the best presents ever this year. They were all so thoughtful! I am so touched by all of their gifts that I am actually going to send out thank you cards – something I normally am loathe to do because I am oh-so-lazy. So, all of you, I thank you a million times for coming to my birthday dinner and bringing me pretty shiny things. Sometime in the next two weeks you will have a present in your mail box! Yes, your actual mail box! Unless I don’t have your address…hmmm…that might present a problem. Well, I’ll figure it out, I’m a smart lady. Whoa, I just called myself a lady. I really AM getting old. Anyway, after dinner, we moved to the Hermosa Pier and danced the night away at Fat Face Fenner’s Fishshack. There was a band, and it took requests, which was perfect for us! I think we requested every song known to man, and the band happily obliged. The rest of the night gets a little fuzzy, but I know I woke up feeling very happy on Saturday. Well, happy in a “man, that was a good party” kind of way. Not in a “wow, my head feels really crappy and I think I should barf” kind of way. Needless to say, I did not do a lot on Saturday. On Sunday, Mike and I journeyed out to the homestead, where my family was planning a celebration for Kyle and me. It was lots of fun – my mom made all my favorite appetizers, I made cotton candy (thanks Leslie, Hardcore, and Matty!), and my dad cooked up some delicious dinner. I got some more great presents from my parents, an awesome shirt from Kyle, a cool book from my aunt & uncle, and a super set of shot glasses and the Buffy season 4 DVD set from Leah! Yay! Oh, and a card that burps, which will never leave my side. Woo and hoo! So, like I said before, best birthday ever. I am so glad I have such great friends and a great family and a great boyfriend. And, as you can see, God (aka Bella) granted my request and I finally have a ‘fro! Isn’t it truly the most glorious thing you’ve ever seen?