I am a big fan of Thursdays. My conference calls are done for the week, there is good TV on (either Must See T.V. or The Amazing Race), and the weekend is so close I can taste it. And, Thursday is the new Friday. Didn’t you know that? Well, not like that stops me or my friends. We say every night is Friday. Like last night. After having a crappy day at work, I drank the last of Bella’s bottle of red wine. Then I had a glass of some white wine I found in the fridge. Then another. And then, suddenly, I was telling Jackie stories about the time my old boss took me to a totally nude strip club. And while she’d heard the stories before, she’d never seen me act out parts of it. Like when Jen and I saw Stripper A wash her cooch with some hand soap in the middle of the women’s room. Or later, again in the women’s room, when we saw Stripper B turn her back to the full-length mirror, bend over at the waist, and spread her cheeks. Presumably to look for skid marks. Jackie was amused by my stories, but probably more amused by how my tongue stumbled through the telling. We were soon summoned to my bedroom window to talk to Christi and Woodsy, who were standing out on their deck next door. I then proceeded to tell them the same stories I told Jackie. She is so patient. Somewhere in the middle of the cheek story, our new neighbors came home. Oh, and did I mention that Woodsy and Christi had also been enjoying wine? Well, they had been. The neighbors? Probably wishing they had checked out who lived in the buildings around them. After we sufficiently scared the new people, someone suggested we rent “Old School.” This is not only one of the best movies ever made, but a great thing to watch after three glasses of wine. Jackie, having not consumed any wine, was kind enough to drive us to Blockbuster. We made an interesting crew: Jackie was in work-out clothes, Woodsy and I were in our work clothes (for me, jeans and a tank, for Woodsy, a skirt and nice top), and Christi…well, Christi was in Addidas pants and a thick green bathrobe. After renting the movie, we decided to walk next door to Vons. Because wine makes you hungry. Jackie bought ice cream sandwiches, Woodsy bought ice cream and M&M’s, I bought an entire Lemon Meringue pie, and Christi…Christi purchased two different flavored bags of chips and some waffles. We had an interesting feast when we returned home. Man, I love that movie, though! Frank the Tank! Frank the Tank! I told Jackie that we need rhyming names like that. It won’t really work with most of our names, though…which doesn’t mean we aren’t going to try.