Burbank smells worse than usual today. Along with the smell of smog and fertilizer, there is that odor that is only possessed by industrial paint. The new AMC Theatre is almost done, and it, along with all the buildings around it, are being painted. I thought when I walked to Noah’s Bagels for lunch today I would pass out from all the chemicals. It makes me laugh when I go to the AMC website, which I just linked to, and I see that the new theatre will be in the “Burbank Entertainment Village.” What? I didn’t know that Ross Dress For Less was an entertainment place. You learn something new everyday. I’m excited that it’s going to be a stadium theatre, though, and there will be 16 screens. The website says that it will be opening in June 2003…ooh, better hurry, there are only 19 days left. I’ll be writing a letter if it isn’t open by the 30th. Gotta get my free tickets. Seriously, though, complaining is the best thing you can do if you’re unhappy about something. Now I’m kind of hoping it won’t open in time. I’m mentally composing my complaint letter right now. My birthday is only 16 days away! Yay! Just had to remind you all. Anyway, I know you are all holding your breath, waiting to find out if my writer’s block has gone away. Well, it hasn’t. I’m not letting it bother me anymore, though, because I remembered last night that I always do my best work when I put it off until the last minute. I’m a first-class procrastinator. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before. So, I fully expect divine inspiration to hit me tomorrow about an hour before I leave for dinner. And that will be okay with me. Just as long as it comes, it doesn’t matter how last-minute it is. Although, I figured out today that I am probably going to have to make the envelopes to mail the invitations in, since they are of an awkward size. That’s okay, I think it actually should be pretty easy. I was messing around with it a bit today. Man, these invitations are going to be a lot of effort! But totally worth it.