Oh my God, I don’t know what happened, but I think I broke my creative bone. It started yesterday. I am, as I have previously mentioned, planning my friend Tara’s bachelorette party. On Thursday I’m meeting up with some of the other bridesmaids to go over what we want to do for the weekend and all that fun stuff. I have been looking up all kinds of ideas on the internet for the party, like games, outfits, decorations, etc. Suddenly, this overwhelming urge to make the invitations came over me. I figured I could make something really cute for far less than what it costs to buy pre-made cards, and I could completely personalize the wording on the invitation with a poem or something. So yesterday, I went to a scrapbook store during my lunch to get some cute paper and other things to make the invitations. I spent AN HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES at the store. Let me say, I am pretty creative when it comes to words and things of that nature, but when it comes to expressing myself visually I usually need some help. I knew what I wanted the invitations to look like, but after an hour and ten minutes of walking around the store, I hadn’t figured it all out. But, the good workers at Memories and More knew exactly what I meant, and five minutes after I clumsily expressed my desires I walked out of the shop with everything I needed. I returned to my office proud and excited, and started to write the invitation. Except…all I could do was write, “INVITATION GOES IN THIS SPACE” above my R.S.V.P. information. I have never been unable to write before! I couldn’t even muster up enough to write here yesterday! Kids, I am flummoxed. It’s stretched over until today, and even though I’m writing here right now I still haven’t been able to write the damn invitation. What the hell? It’s freaking me out. I’m hoping that by writing this right now, I’ll break this crazy writer’s block I seem to have. So, let me talk about my last few days. On Friday night, Mike and I went out to dinner to celebrate his new job AND the fact that he is a semi-finalist in the first screenplay contest he’s heard back from, which is a huge accomplishment. Yay, Mike! We had yummy dinner, and then I got some champagne for our celebrating pleasure. After that, Jackie and Christi joined us for a night out. Good times. On Saturday, Mike and I journeyed out to the Land Where I Grew Up, where I was scheduled attend a retirement party during the day and a dinner with my parents and some of their friends that night. Well…the retirement party made me glad that I am no longer in high school, and I decided to celebrate that by leaving the party after 30 minutes. Hey, I signed the card! No one even knew I was there, so I’m not going to cry about it. I’m glad I didn’t stay, because then Mike and I got some quality napping time in before dinner. We had a nice dinner with the parents and their friends. On Sunday, Christi and I went to the AVP volleyball tournament. It was unbelievably crowded, so we went back to her place and BBQ’d and enjoyed an easy afternoon and evening. Nice weekend! Yesterday, Les, Matty, Mike, and I went to All-You-Can-Eat sushi at a restaurant by my apartment. After that meal, I don’t think I’ll be eating sushi for a LONG time. It was good, but in my determination to get my money’s worth I may have overdone it on the sushi. The fun thing about the restaurant we were at is that every Monday there is Karaoke, so a bunch of the ladies met us after sushi for some singing fun. Well, in their case, watching! Mike sang a wonderful rendition of, “Ain’t No Sunshine,” and I sang “Natural Woman.” It was lots of fun, but next time I’ll have to make everyone sing! I think it will just require some more booze, which is easy. Okay. I am still not feeling any inspiration for this damn invitation! I think I might cry. Creativity, come back!